Was PD Editorial Written with Straight Face? by Roldo Bartimole (Kucinich)

Dandelion Salad

by Roldo Bartimole
Cleveland Leader
February 6, 2008

Sometimes the Pee Dee is so laughable that you just can’t believe the ridiculousness of it.

I certainly got that feeling by turning to the Sunday Opinion pages and viewing the paper’s endorsement of Joe Cimperman in the 10th District Congressional election.

There certainly was no surprise in the choice. The paper had been telegraphing its desire to flak for Cimperman for weeks.

The Pee Dee used the entire space of the Sunday editorial slot to bless Cimperman. Actually, it was not so much to anoint Cimperman as to throw slaps at his opponent, Dennis Kucinich.

Talk about overkill. Is this the most important political race in decades to the Pee Dee? Does Cleveland teeter on a precipice with Kucinich to tip us into the abyss?

What struck me as really odd was how little space the paper spent on telling us of any accomplishments of Cimperman. His major accomplishment, as I can see, is giving away city money to developers.

It will be interesting to read Pee Dee reporters covering this campaign to determine how much news coverage is biased and reflects the editorial stance.



How to help Dennis Kucinich receive much needed funds

from: RKShantay


and do like I did, tell them that Dennis Kucinich needs help right now! It’s Sen. Russ Feingold’s PAC, progressivepatriotsfund.com.

(note: he is running in the 10th Congressional district in Ohio)

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