Ron Paul speaks to the youth at Liberty University (videos)

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February 08, 2008

INTRO ONLY by Jerry Falwell, Jr.

U.S. Congressman Ron Paul, Republican candidate for president, speaks at Friday’s convocation service in the Vines Center of Liberty University.




Ron Paul speech at CPAC 02.07.08 (videos)

On The Issues: Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul by Lo


2 thoughts on “Ron Paul speaks to the youth at Liberty University (videos)

  1. Paul says the Constitution does not restrain the people, but that it restrains the government. Yet the Constitution does restrain people IF it’s interpreted as preventing people from using government to realize their purposes.

    Paul opposes positive freedom, which is that type of freedom in which people can realize in their lives and purposes. People want education, jobs, social security, health case, and so forth. They realize these purposes through government. That’s called DEMOCRACY.

    Paul’s interpretation of the Constitution is that the people aren’t allowed to use the government in this way. Believing that the Constitution restricts government is the same thing as believing that those who hold a monopoly over property get to decide what people do instead of the people themselves. This is why Paul simultaneously extols the virtues of private property while calling for “limited government,” because he knows limited government works in favor of the capitalist not the worker. See, Paul is making the argument for negative freedom, and under those arrangements, a people need not have any meaningful democracy at all. Thus Paul’s view is in favor of the tyranny of corporations over our lives.

    What is required for freedom is both positive and negative liberties. On the positive side, the people use the government to realize their purposes. On the negative side, they use the legal machinery to prevent others, including government officials, from violating the rights of the people. The Constitution is not what Paul says it is. It is a document covering both positive and negative liberty. Paul distorts the Constitution in his desire to promote property rights.

    Finally, Paul doesn’t believe in privacy rights. He said so in condemning the Supreme Court decision overturning a Texas law than made sodomy illegal. Now, when everybody is listening, he talks about privacy rights. But he’s lying. And even if he did believe that the federal bill of rights guarantees privacy rights, he doesn’t believe the bill of rights applies to the states, so the point is moot.

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