Using the Internet as a weapon By John C. Dvorak

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By John C. Dvorak
Feb. 8, 2008

BERKELEY, Calif. (MarketWatch)

Commentary: Internet interruption in the Middle East looks fishy

Nobody knows what caused the cut cables in the Mediterranean that interrupted Internet service to parts of the Middle East last week, but there are now conspiracy theories galore written by bloggers and pundits.

Some say it will benefit terrorists and Iran somehow. In fact, the cut cables — originally blamed on ships dragging anchors — look more like a ploy by some intelligence agency to disrupt Iranian commerce, specifically an emerging oil bourse that the Iranians have been quietly establishing and hoped to roll out fully in the next 60 days.

This concept seems a little farfetched until you look at the details which were provided to me by one of my readers, Martin Kuplens-Ewart who has been following the story from the outset. He notes: “there is a substantial event that has effectively been killed by the loss of connectivity: the launch of the Iranian Oil Bourse.

“A marketplace for oil, gas, and various petrochemicals, the Iranian Oil Bourse would trade exclusively in non-dollars and probably substantial negative impact to the U.S. economy and financial system. The bourse was scheduled for launch this week (between Feb. 1 and 11. With complete elimination of Internet connectivity to the country, this launch is now impossible and unlikely to be achievable before month’s end (given the estimate 10-14 days for repairs to fiber-optic cables).”


h/t: Speaking Truth to Power

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  1. If the US attacks Iran, it will be the second stage of the “Oil Currency War” against the euro, and any nation who adopts it as it’s oil trading currency. Iraq attempted this in 2000, hence the war there. Iran started in 2003 and the imminent creation of an Iranian oil bourse, complete with a euro based marker for oil prices for will be an even bigger threat to US oil gangsters. If the US govt carries on with this strategy, eventually they have to justify an attack on two other powers in the oil world, Norway and the UK if they adopt the euro as a currency and peg that to the “Brent Crude” standard. So stay tuned for Dick Cheney’s dire warnings of a “Norwegian terrorist threat”!

    Incidentally Lo, at the risk of digressing further, my friend was at a party with Barack Obama in the UK many years ago. He told me that when a stripper came on, Obama didn’t just back discreetly towards the door, he ran straight out of that building like Jesse Owens! I’ll bet that he knew that he’d be running for the big one even back then. He and Hillary are more than “just talk”, they are both ballistic missiles fuelled with pure ambition.

  2. Um Diane, what does your comment have to do with this blog post?

    Obama is all talk, nothing else. He and Clinton are very close to the same on the issues. I don’t trust either of them and encourage my readers to vote third party, or not to vote at all. Our elections are a farce. The powers that be will get whom they want for president.

    (Note: I deleted Diane’s comment as she posted another one that had nothing to do with the post’s topic once again. I call that spam. Sorry, Diane, find some place else to post your off topic comments.)

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