Waging Unconditional Peace (video; 2003)

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A Talk by Vietnam Veteran S. Brian Willson given November 11, 2003 before the Seattle Chapter of Veterans for Peace.

Added: February 10, 2008

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  1. Well Lo, that was an incredible, amazing speech. I’m so glad you posted it. I re-blogged it and will enlarge and autostart and send out as a bulletin, so hopefully others will be as impressed.

    Dr. King in one of his great speeches about Vietnam also spoke of transforming us from a “thing oriented society to a people oriented society”, a revolution in values.

    Now, just below this one (which I see is also referenced) is the Mitt Romney malarkey ala Stewart. An excellent and telling juxtaposition.

    It would seem that the blatancy of the crimes exposed, of which Brian Wilson spoke 5 years ago, and the yet vastly more profound exposure of war-crimes and fraud by the botch admin, since (still only the tip of the covert iceberg as we know), together with what we now see as COMPLETE and unbroken compliance by all in the opposition, would have surely elicited the ‘evolutionary change’ of which Mr. Wilson speaks.

    But in the five years hence, we now know far better the addictive lengths to which amerigoons will go to both pursue their addictions, as well as avert their eyes to that which supplies it.

    The atrocities by the USA and it’s citizen co-conspirators are infinitely worse than they were 5 years ago in 2003. And yet the anti-war movement failed to materialize. The impeachment movement failed to be effective, and the real candidate for change was walled off from debating, and is now being run out of congress altogether, apparently at the behest of his own party.

    Even the faux-activist liberal left, who speak in glowing terms of their nostalgic participation in the anti-viet-war effort, failed to materialize, they just sat on their hands in their upper-left sided multi-million-dollar co-ops, ate lox & bagels and read the NY crimes, maybe murmured a few lines of disapproval, but in the end all bailed into the SUV and cruised up to the summer-house in the Berkshires to further gluttonously enjoy their 9+ hectare manifest-destiny dominion over the planet in peace and tranquility, and not a stitch of conscience about it.

    Indeed it takes a strong mind and an indomitable conscience to have come from the background that Brian Wilson did, and to say all that so well.

    But hearing Mitt Romney (which I’ve avoided doing because he’s a genuine fanatical fat-cat psychopath, like Shillary and McBomb), the americon disease is palpable. For most humans, once an addict always an addict. And if nothing is seen wrong with the addiction, there’s certainly no reason to change it.

    In my concept, Vietnam would have been the illegal US invasion to end all illegal US invasions. But as we know it went on and on, both covert and overt, and now US militarism at the behest of not only militaristic theft of resources, but for the sake of the military industrial complex itself, is as bad as ever.

    Vietnam is rather seen as a nostalgic moment for pre-aids free-love to be replayed for the memories with Hendrix in the background, and clips of hippies communing and grunts slaughtering and demonstrators putting flowers in gun barrels— The good old daze.

    The change did not happen, in fact it went full-steam in the wrong direction. Pacifism was vilified as insanity, and the nation is more gung-ho than it ever was before. Iraq produced no dissent whatsoever, except among the few, the un-proud, the moralists among us: Cindy, Ritter, Swanson, Wexler and Kucinich, and others. All of them are categorically dismissed as the lunatic fringe, not even the moral minority.

    Mitt, McCain and Botch all apparently believe, with their full-on canned spirituality in what they espouse, and their believers believe them. The only conceivable reason McCain’s name is not already embossed on the button, is because a part of his party believes he doesn’t ‘believe’ enough. But as Davis Fleetwood points out, of COURSE McBomb will be elected, and of course the US will incinerate Iran, and all those generals who say they’ll quit if that happens, will do nothing, their jobs and bogus military careers are far more important, for they are trained to believe that power is god, that there is godliness in the flag, and the more places that flag is planted, the more each crusade and colonial conquest is justified (and god bless us).

    The power of Faux was so pervasive, their hostility and bible-banging lies won the hearts and minds of the red-state minions who still fall for coulter, billo, hannity and limbaugh regardless of how much is exposed about their fraud. The amerigoons believed in all this, they still believe, and they will elect another believer, and the wars and consumption will continue unabated.

    I don’t feel that morality will initiate a change in these masses. They are as comprehensively deranged as the roman legions and minions, or the Spanish conquistadors.

    The only possible thing that will change their ways is a complete economic collapse. Not because being poor will make people more humane, probably they will all buy guns and shoot at their neighbors over the right to shoot the last animals for ‘food’ (when they should be permaculturing like Brian above). But the change will come about because of economic disintegration, a lack of funds for their empire perhaps. This will take a long time, more wars and millions more dead.

    In my mind there could be no more appropriate end to america. The Ted Turners and tycoons of industry and finance will likely not be touched, but the amerigoons voted in raygun, they STILL worship that senile god-crazed cultist warmongering miscreant who ‘trickled up’ all the money to the top, where it remains and will only multiply as the mormons and the zionists and born-again dispensationlists infesting the entire nation go down in flames as they deserve.

    But even then nothing will change about americans. The only way america will stop, is when it becomes irrelevant, and that will take a long time, and a lot of wars, and likely environmental as well as economic collapse. And even after that americans will still be horrible, bad, militaristic, violent, selfish people, just powerless to spread their disease ouside their own slums.

    America will be like Spain, the former world super-power, full of pompous empirical cities from a former brutal era of glory at the expense of the world (the consequences of whom we still contend with all over Latin America). Or the Portugese, also immensely powerful but now down to sardines and black-hooded orthodox irrelevance (fitting end fot those who ran the slave trade, but they apparently forgot about reparations).

    I’m no historian, but it would be highly improbable for a former empirical power to ever return to its former heights of warmongering abusiveness. For the USA, that collapse can’t come soon enough. I’m sorry it could not have been a revolution of scruples, a flowering of wisdom and intelligence, a true revolution of values as it should be. But Willard’s words says it all about ameirgoons, mark mitt’s madness, for that’s exactly the way the ENTIRE nation believes, and they get worse and worse the more incriminating the atrocities and lies about their heroes emerge. The rest of them don’t vote, don’t know anything, too busy with MTV, Meth, or trying to find the cash to buy more mutilated meat and toxic burger for their 4th of july death-roasts to celebrate the land they love so much.

    Bring on the depression, cut down this population at the knees, make them dirt-poor. The minions who vote for Mitt and McCain are not idiots, they are, like Brian Wilson’s belligerent family, believers. They will question no authority unless billo tells them to, and will never question billo himself. What the americans are is knowingly complicit, and for that they are criminals, and for their epic crimes, they deserve only the worst punishment meted out to such people.

    Bring on the punishment of economic collapse, crush the ‘middle class’ into abject poverty, as most people have lived for so long. Let these hideous red-state ghouls implode from obesity. debt and other diseases of over-consumption. Let them have their creationism and their flag of death, let the roll in their own diseases, for there is no force on earth, no crusade of conscience, no non-existent reaction to wars, no revolution of ideas that will ever change a thing about these hideous, horrible, bad to their very core red-state rabble that call themselves americans.

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