Kucinich: The Incident Did Not Happen By David Swanson

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By David Swanson
After Downing Street
Feb. 11, 2008

I spoke with Congressman Dennis Kucinich because a rumor was gaining traction that:

“Before the Nevada primary, Dennis was visited by representatives of Nancy Pelosi and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee — AIPAC. They told Dennis that if he would drop his campaigns to impeach Cheney and Bush, they would guarantee his re-election to the House of Representatives. Kucinich threw them out of his office.”

According to Kucinich, “The incident did not happen.”

I find the Congressman’s denial of the incident entirely credible. The rumor was supposedly based on the word of someone high up in his presidential campaign. But there is nobody who fits that description other than the Congressman or his wife. And campaign staff are not typically in congressional offices where congress members are forbidden to work on campaigns. It is doubtful that if such an incident had occurred, any campaign staff would have seen it or been told about it. It is also doubtful it would have occured. Pelosi’s office would not bring AIPAC along or vice versa. And AIPAC has long known that Kucinich doesn’t give a damn what they think. Also, Kucinich would never throw Pelosi or her “representative” out of his office.

The rumor caught on, I think, because Kucinich had planned to introduce articles of impeachment against Bush on the day of the State of the Union and then changed his mind. He did so because of the attacks he is under in his primary election in Cleveland, where the corporate media that has long opposed him paints national issues as in conflict with providing services to constituents. The election will consume Kucinich’s time for the next few weeks, but he has not dropped his plans to eventually introduce the articles of impeachment. He has not withdrawn his resolution to impeach the Vice President. He has not dropped his opposition to the occupation of Iraq.

Of course, Pelosi opposes impeachment. But she usually delegates her thuggery to members of her leadership team. She and her team would no doubt prefer to replace Kucinich with a DLC-style corporate Democrat, even though such a candidate might lose the general election. And there is every reason to believe that AIPAC feels the same way. I would not be at all surprised if a list of AIPAC’s biggest donors and a list of donors to the campaign of Kucinich’s most heavily funded challenger, Joe Cimperman, had some names in common. AIPAC would never be satisfied with a mere 400 or so loyal congress members. It would want to shutdown any opposition to the current U.S. policy in the Middle East, and it would want to protect Dick Cheney.

But I believe Kucinich’s denial that the rumored incident took place.

I also believe that the U.S. Congress would be a much worse place without Kucinich in it, and I encourage everyone to support his reelection campaign right away at http://kucinich.us

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7 thoughts on “Kucinich: The Incident Did Not Happen By David Swanson

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  4. Thanks for the link on this (as I posted Zeese’s Counterpunch column about the claim on my site). I’m assuming Congressman Kucinich is being truthful, since he has no reason to lie for the likes of the Democratic House Leadership (I still suspect they may be funding an opposition candidate [as they openly did to Cynthia McKinney). Here’s to hoping Congressman Kucinich wins his primary battle and is re-elected.

  5. He made a wise and strategic move. It’s true, we stand to lose a lot more if he loses his seat in Congress. We cannot afford that.

    I’m feeling very frustrated with some people that have quickly turned on him. They obviously don’t know him well enough to understand, just because he’s refrained from doing something he intended to do, as he announced, doesn’t mean that he never will follow through.

  6. not sure I understand.
    why would this be a credibility issue for kucinich
    – unlike pelosi’s performance not questioned at all.

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