Life After People (full video; must-see)

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newworldterror on Oct 2, 2019

1 hr 28 min 2 sec – Jan 29, 2008

16 thoughts on “Life After People (full video; must-see)

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  4. It will be us that will eventually disappear, whether it be from pollution or disease. I think this documentary puts our life into perspective. As much as we try and destroy the earth, in the end the earth will thrive and replenish itself. So next time you hear “save the earth” think of it more like “save our life as we know it on earth”. We can pollute the air and water all we want, but it is living creatures that will suffer the consequences. The earth will restore it self once we are gone. If we are lucky, amino acids will remain and perhaps, by chance, humans may mutate from them again. Surely we will once again evolve into some kind of intelligent being and then the destruction will once again begin.
    I think I stopped making sense.
    But this movie does open up interesting theories, and I guess that was the intent. It’s all theory and discussion. I think it is great!!

  5. “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.”

    Revelation 21:1

  6. yeah, I watched it later at night I started to fall asleep towards the end, but it was interesting enough to watch. I got my friend to watch it too, we want to know WHY we would be eradicated I told him the obvious reasons he wants to know why I thought that way. It’s a good program to create discussions.

  7. I found it very interesting, it makes you think about how things can and or cannot function without human interference. It also shows that humans are creatures on this planet just like the other things we don’t always think about.

  8. Hmmm. I still cannot see the value of it, except to say that some creative team of people have had a good time putting it all together, and its an interesting piece of art, but that’s about it.

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