The rise of neo-fascism in Bolivia + US/Bolivia: strained relations (videos; Escobar)

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Pepe Escobar in Sucre: “bastion of the extreme right”

Thursday February 7th, 2008

On the road in Bolivia

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From his recent trip, Pepe Escobar on La Paz: Showdown between Morales and the elite state governors


Bolivia and democracy 

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Jean-Paul Guevara: President Morales attempts a peaceful and democratic change

Friday February 1st, 2008

Jean-Paul Guevara is Bolivia’s Director General of Bilateral Relations. He was interviewed at the Bolivian embassy in Washington. 

US/Bolivia: strained relations 

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Jean-Paul Guevara: US administration must accept changes in Bolivia because they are democratic


Nationalization not expropriation

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Jean Paul Guevara: Multinationals still doing business in Bolivia


Is Bolivia being isolated 

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Jean-Paul Guevara: Democratic changes in Bolivia are supported by our neighbors and countries overseas



Pepe Escobar: Report on Bolivia’s revolution (video)

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