The War Against Tolerance By Chris Hedges

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By Chris Hedges
Feb. 12, 2008

Walid Shoebat, Kamal Saleem and Zachariah Anani are the three stooges of the Christian right. These self-described former Muslim terrorists are regularly trotted out at Christian colleges-a few days ago they were at the Air Force Academy-to spew racist filth about Islam on behalf of groups such as Focus on the Family. It is a clever tactic. Curly, Larry and Mo, who all say they are born-again Christians, engage in hate speech and assure us it comes from personal experience. They tell their audiences that the only way to deal with one-fifth of the world’s population is by converting or eradicating all Muslims. Their cant is broadcast regularly on Fox News, including the Bill O’Reilly and Neil Cavuto shows, as well as on numerous Christian radio and television programs. Shoebat, who has written a book called “Why We Want to Kill You,” promises in his lectures to explain the numerous similarities between radical Muslims and the Nazis, how “Muslim terrorists” invaded America 30 years ago and how “perseverance, recruitment and hate” have fueled attacks by Muslims.

These men are frauds, but this is not the point. They are part of a dark and frightening war by the Christian right against tolerance that, in the moment of another catastrophic terrorist attack on American soil, would make it acceptable to target and persecute all Muslims, including the some 6 million Muslims who live in the United States. These men stoke these irrational fears. They defend the perpetual war unleashed by the Bush administration and championed by Sen. John McCain. McCain frequently reminds listeners that “the greatest danger facing the world is Islamic terrorism,” as does Mike Huckabee, who says that “Islamofascism” is “the greatest threat this country [has] ever faced.” George W. Bush has, in the same vein, assured Americans that terrorists hate us for our freedoms, not, of course, for anything we have done. Bush described the “war on terror” as a war against totalitarian Islamofascism while the Israeli air force was dropping tens of thousands of pounds of iron fragmentation bombs up and down Lebanon, an air campaign that killed 1,300 Lebanese civilians.


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  4. If Shoebat was spewing “racist filth” Chris Hedges would have quoted Shoebat. Yet no quotes are provided. If Shoebat was a “fraud,” Hedges would have given evidence. Yet he doesn’t. However, the evidence for Shoebat’s claims are overwhelimng. I read his books, Hedges didn’t. Even liberal media confessed that Walid’s cousin Jawad Younis (a terrorist as well who was extradited from Israel) was the attorney of Abu Zubaydah
    Younis is also associated with Hizbullah. Abu Zubaydah was Younis’s defendant in Jordan while being judged in absentia. Zubaydah was the first high-value detainee taken by the CIA in 2002, is now being held with other detainees at the U.S. base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Zubaydah was the one that confessed Ramzi Bin Alshib, and the two men’s confessions also led to the capture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM), who the U.S. government said was the mastermind behind the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The link to prove that Shoebat is a relative of Younis was proven beyond doubt as Kamal Younis, Jawad’s brother, along other family members of Shoebat began to spill information to Eileen Fleming, a journalist who was interested in smearing Shoebat.
    Members of Shoebat’s family tried it’s best to protect Al-Qaeda operatives and Usama Bin Laden key agents behind 9/11. A complete rebuttal to articles that lack credibility currently circulates the web in attempt to discredit Shoebat can be read at:

    During these testimonies by Kamal Younis, the brother of Jawad Younis, as well as other members proved Shoebat’s link is true and accurate. Even his prison and life in Israel as he tells in his speeches and books.

    The real fraud is Hedges. When I say “fraud” I am talking about patriotism. Would Hedges love to see Israel and America toppled by terrorists or extreme leftists. The answer is YES. It is obvious from all his writtings.

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