Jockeying For A Plaza by Guadamour (inside info; drugs)


by Guadamour
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Feb. 14, 2008

Jockeying For A Plaza

Living in a community butted up against the Mexican border sometimes gives one a warped and distorted sense of reality.

I have been writing about border issues for over thirty years and have developed a number of contacts that I can rely on for information.

Yesterday I incidentally encountered a contact whose has fed me accurate information about drug trafficking for years.

He said, “Everyone is hurting. Everyone is broke. There is no movement.”

I asked him. “Why?”

“It’s Paredes,” he said, “The new mayor of Agua Prieta. He won’t let anyone else run drugs or people. He controls everything–meth, heroin, pot, cocaine. He has his own army of pistoleros, and he is paying $350,000 dollars a month to the government for the plaza.”

I thanked him for the information, and think how nothing has really changed, how a plaza or the right to do something has to be bought and paid for.

I also think about all the assassinations in Agua Prieta in the last few years as everyone has been jockeying for control of the plaza.

I think about the violence and death in Mexico from firearms. Firearms are illegal in Mexico except for government authorities. Firearms are smuggled into Mexico from the US, even as drugs and people are being smuggled out.

Mexicans tend to share and make sure everyone is taken care of and provided for. I realize that when this breaks down there are dire consequences.

With that in mind, I make a prediction that Mayor Paredes will not last long in charge of the plaza. He will be assassinated so everyone can share in the plaza of smuggling into the USA’s insatiable demand for drugs and people.