Death Of a President (video no longer available)

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video no longer available

1 hr 30 min 20 sec – Nov 30, 2007

DEATH OF A PRESIDENT follows the investigation of the fictional assassination of President George W. Bush in October 2007. Combining real … all » archival footage with a credible but fictional story, “Death of a President” presents a fascinating and thought-provoking political thriller.

One thought on “Death Of a President (video no longer available)

  1. I can only recall my reaction when I watched this back when… It was sad, as I think it was meant to be.

    I am reminded of the words of Dennis Kucinich when he appeared on Bill Maher, which went something like: “I’m talking about the end of assassination as an instrument of policy”.

    To which Maher responded:
    “Really? I think some people could use a good kiling”

    (I used to like Maher, but now I now think he’s a smarmy, wrong-headed rightist libertarian arsehole, tho a brilliant humorist, and did well to identify Plamegate as treason—but Stewart mops the floor with him on all counts).

    Leave the assassinations to the Israelis so maybe people will catch on someday to how wrong-headed that method of influencing politics is. Hopefully they, as well as the other proponents of political assassinations, the mob and the CIA (and its scholars at the SOA), might one day run out of energy.

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