Help keep Ohio’s 10th Congressional District in Progressive Hands!

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by Archangel M
Daily Kos
Feb 14, 2008

As you’re probably aware, Ohio’s 10th Congressional is in the midst of a fierce primary battle.  Motivated to seize the House seat for its preferred corporate candidate, and driven by hatred stretching back to Muny Light, the Cleveland Plain Dealer — a very conservative newspaper and the town’s only daily — is trying to push Dennis Kucinich out after more than ten years of loyal and able service to his constituency.

Cleveland’s movers and shakers have thrown their support by sitting Ward 13 councilman Joe Cimperman, a corporate-owned politician.  His argument for running is based in part on the most ludicrous of claims: that a sitting elected official ought not to spend taxpayer time and money running for another elected office.  But that is precisely what Cimperman is doing.  Furthermore, he is running on a patently false claim that Kucinich has missed more votes than almost any other member of Congress.


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