Olbermann: The Fear Card + Worst + Right To The Finish

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February 15, 2008


The Fear Card

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Feb. 15, 2008: Air America’s Rachel Maddow discusses the lastest on the Bush FISA bill fiasco with Keith Olbermann.


Worst Person

Jeff Hunt


Right To The Finish

Keith speaks with Pat Buchanan.

Tex Mess – From the day last spring when they assembled inside the imposing edifice atop the hill in Southern California that is the Ronald Reagan Library, it had been the dream of all the Republican would-be candidates, to get some kind of endorsement-by-proxy from the late Republican icon. Our fourth story on the Countdown: the Republican front-runner just got the closest thing possible… the endorsement of George H.W. Bush… and just in time for a Texas primary that Senator John McCain is favored, incredibly, by just four poll points.