Helen Thomas gives the White House Press Secretary a shellacking

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Helen Thomas, shown here at a sprightly 85 years old, puts The White House Press Secretary, Scott McClellan on the spot for Bush’s illegal surveillance. She demonstrated more guts than the rest of the White House press corps combined. An inspiration, and an example of how a real journalist works. As opposed to “correspondents”, who take notes on whatever is said, and then just regurgitate them to the Public; a journalist endeavors to get the truth, and put information into broader and meaningful context. Watch “The Dean” of the press corps at work enjoy! Video is Public Domain

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h/t: After Downing Street

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  2. I ADORE Helen Thomas. What a remarkable woman, and what a fighter she is. I hope she lives to be 100. She’ll still be working if she is, and I admire her a lot ~ oop

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