‘False state’ Kosovo declares independence

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Kosovo has officially declared independence from Serbia during a special sitting of parliament in Pristina. Belgrade has condemned the separation, saying Kosovo is a `false state`. Russia has called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council and says it fully supports Serbia`s demand to restore its territorial integrity.

Added: February 17, 2008

Kosovo declares Independence – The latest Pawn?

In the Grandmaster game between Nato/EU and Russia/Serbia, it seems that Kosovo is the latest Pawn Played. With Russia recently saying that they would defend Iran against any attack, and now this, looks like an intriguing next move.

Serbia immediately responded to the unilateral declaration of independence, with the Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica branding the southern region as “a false state” during a televised address to the nation. He also said that Kosovo was propped up unlawfully by the United States which was “ready to violate the international order for its own military interests.”

The Russian Federation, Serbia’s ally, said it was calling for United Nations Security Council consultations over the independence declaration

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Kosovo Independence: End of Europe

E.U. Police and Military Intervention to enforce Secession from Serbia by Michel Chossudovsky + video

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