New Bill To Allow Police Misconduct Be Hidden From Public + videos (updated)

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Bill is SB260. Cops are out of control.

Updated: Feb. 20, 2008 another tasering to a teenager; video added

by Jonny Glines
Last Update: 2/12/08 10:50 pm

A new bill proposed at the legislature would allow for police to withhold misconduct reports from the public. Supporters of the bill believe that police misconduct should be kept secret from the public so to not discredit police testimony. Others say that a forthright police unit is essential to the community.

In September, Jared Massey was zapped with a taser by Trooper John Gardner. A video of the incident was recorded from Gardner’s patrol car. Gardner can be seen shocking Massey until he hits the ground while Massey’s wife screams from the side of their SUV.

…continued and video (no longer available)


Youtube! Your Ultimate Weapon Against Cops Behaving Badly!


February 17, 2008 CNN


Another cop suspended for roughing up a 14 year old


February 13, 2008 KING 5 News


Baltimore cops V.S. skateboarder


my friend eric gets taken down by cop

Added: February 09, 2008

Four Cops Suspended for DUMPING Man from WHEELCHAIR


February 13, 2008 MSNBC First Look


Cop Arrests Fireman Giving Aid – Jury Awards $18k

Hazelwood — Federal court jurors awarded $17,500 on Wednesday to a fire captain arrested by a Hazelwood police officer in a dispute over where a firetruck was parked during a 2003 car crash rescue.

Added: February 16, 2008


Deputy tasers high school student against direct orders

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8 thoughts on “New Bill To Allow Police Misconduct Be Hidden From Public + videos (updated)

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  5. Dandi,
    Please tell me that the arrested was not a Fireman.

    Don’t call me dude, for that is “crude”,
    and “I” better not see my actions, on U-Tube.

    I guess that the officer had some second thoughts about his personal handling of the crime of (?).
    A suspension is all they got, they should of been arrested, for brutality, and misuse of Authority.
    Citizen’s Arrest, know it, Use IT.
    Carry a camera at all times, the picture is worth a thousand words, here and in court.

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  7. Freakin’ sadists. Normal people don’t want to be cops. — let’s face it, stop glorifying them and insist that they realize they’re working for us and must observe civilized limits.

    If there’s no oversight of cops, they’re the Gestapo.

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