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After Downing Street
Feb 18, 2008

A Presidential Candidate Until Just a Short Time Ago, Dennis Kucinich Now Faces a Primary Challenge for His Congressional Seat


The independent media is a treasure, and we understand how important it is to access independent media to be able to have a viewpoint that is unadulterated by the commercial interests. … There are many people who are trying to get out independent messages. I know BuzzFlash is one of them. Cherish those outlets, because they’re the key to maintaining whatever semblance of a democracy we still have. …

Impeachment is not, per se, removal from office. It really says that there are serious questions that must be asked as to the conduct of the people who are guiding this nation. And in the case of the President and the Vice President, there is incontrovertible evidence that they lied to take us into a war. They should be held accountable.

— Congressman Dennis Kucinich

* * *

Many progressives lamented that the person who most articulated their values in the current presidential primary race was Dennis Kucinich (or John Edwards). But in large part due to media neglect of his campaign, he was never able to get enough exposure to gain traction. MSNBC even went to court to keep him out of a presidential debate.

Kucinich cut short his effort to raise fundamental issues of justice at the national level because trouble was brewing in Cleveland. In short, well-monied interests took advantage of Kucinich’s presidential campaign to back a candidate to challenge Dennis in the March 4th Ohio primary. So Kucinich had to suddenly switch gears from running for president to battling to keep his Congressional seat, due to well-heeled opposition who don’t cotton to Kucinich’s calls for corporate and political accountability.

We don’t normally do this, but you can help Congressman Kucinich by going to and making a contribution. And if you live in his district or know someone who does, help get out the vote for Dennis on March 4th. We need his fearless truth to power.

Then read our interview with Kucinich conducted on Friday, February 15.

* * *

BuzzFlash: Congressman, many of us have certainly lauded you for your wonderful leadership over the past few years, and your effort to run in the presidential primary. But you’ve got a Congressional campaign now. You’re being challenged in Cleveland. What is happening there?

Congressman Dennis Kucinich: Well, there’s some very powerful, monied special interest groups who may raise and spend as much as $2 million in a Democratic primary to try to knock me out of office. These are people, most of whom do not live in my district, most of whom have their own private, narrow agenda, that is not in any way connected with the agenda of the people of my district, or, in some cases, that of the great mass of the American people. So what I am doing is just getting my record out to the people, letting them know that I have represented them without fear or favor. And I’m confident that with enough people, and with people contributing to make sure we get our message out, that we’ll succeed. But it is a contest. Make no mistake about it.


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