Sean Penn Comes To Cleveland To Support Rep. Kucinich

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February 17, 2008

CLEVELAND — Actor Sean Penn took time off his busy schedule to support Rep. Dennis Kucinich Saturday night.

While the eyes of the nation are focussed on Ohio’s presidential politics, the Academy Award winner was mindful of the adage that all politics is local.

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One thought on “Sean Penn Comes To Cleveland To Support Rep. Kucinich

  1. Penn is a really good guy– (The ‘gonzo’ part notwithstanding).

    If somehow the great Kucinich is snubbed, it would be a profound judgment on the entire Ohio. Even my very smart contact in Cleveland, lives right up the block, seems to be taken by the propaganda.

    Not since the good king Wenceslas has there been such a revered and wondrous mind and heart in government– should something happen to his position in congress from all the ads, then it shows only one thing: Democracy is dead, as are the people populating the heartland.

    Ohio was a a wondrous land of giant trees and magnificent wilderness. The settlers who destroyed it all built some of the most beauteous farms and barns of the whole frontier. If these solid folk now go and do some dastardly deed regarding the great Kucinich, then it truly can only mean one thing– Time to buy land in Belize and LEAVE.

    Dennis Kucinich is the first, and only politician who I really love, and felt the way people do about great leaders– I like Nader, and believe in his excellent mind. But Dennis is a pro at congressional politics, just what we need! and a true politician of the people, my heart belongs to Dennis!

    I miss him– it was a wonderful year of waiting for his next words, which were so uplifting and inspiring and true, I almost found religion for a minute (well, not really, but ya know what I mean!)

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