US Court shuts down leaked doc emporium by Nick Juliano

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by Nick Juliano
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Monday February 18, 2008

Wikileaks, the Web site that has revealed countless government secrets, has been forced offline by a California judge.
The site, which allows whistleblowers to post documents anonymously, is being sued by a Swiss banking group implicated in money laundering in documents obtained by Wikileaks. The BBC reports:

However, the main site was taken offline after the court ordered that Dynadot, which controls the site’s domain name, should remove all traces of wikileaks from its servers. The court also ordered that Dynadot should “prevent the domain name from resolving to the website or any other website or server other than a blank park page, until further order of this Court.” Other orders included that the domain name be locked “to prevent transfer of the domain name to a different domain registrar” to prevent changes being made to the site.

Versions of Wikileaks from Great Britain and other countries are still accessible.

In taking Wikileaks offline, the US joins China and Thailand in censoring the watchdog site.

In its report on the injunction, Wikileaks compares the case to the New York Times being ordered not to publish the Pentagon Papers.

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  2. Now things have to go underground and steps taken to continual getting information to the citizens of this country.
    Our nation has become a military-industrail complex , with complet control over the news media, senate, house, news media , court systems including the judges and their own private conservative mercenary army which reports to no one but their decider.

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