Vin Gopal on Dennis Kucinich

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After Downing Street
Feb. 18, 2008

Vin Gopal, Former Deputy National Campaign Manager for Kucinich for President and currently a Senior Advisor to Kucinich for Congress comments on the rumor that representatives of Nancy Pelosi and AIPAC threatened Dennis Kucinich with electoral opposition in his office if he pursued impeachment: “As far as I know, no meeting ever took place. No one in the campaign knows of any meeting that took place. The congressman has denied that any meeting took place. My guess is that this was something fabricated on the blogs”

Vin goes on to say:

“Since 1997, Congressman Dennis Kucinich has been one of America’s most courageous members of congress. Kucinich now faces well-funded primary opponents who have purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars in negative advertisements against the congressman. One of his opponents, Joe Cimperman, is receiving strong funding from special and corporate interests who have nothing to do with the people of Ohio’s 10th Congressional District. Mr. Cimperman does not even live in the 10th Congressional District and can’t even vote for himself in his own congressional race. Another opponent, Barbara Ferris, said she will only support civil unions and refuses to support marriage equality because ‘America is not ready for it.’ – These are not the ideals nor values of the residents of Ohio’s 10th Congressional District.

“In the Internet age, anyone can write anything and it soon spreads on the blogs. It is important to differentiate between rumors and facts and it is a fact that Congressman Kucinich faces a well-funded primary opponent who receives strong funding from special interests who have little to do with Ohio’s 10th District. This congressional seat belongs to the people of Ohio’s 10th District, not to special and corporate interests who are trying to take this seat. For the past 12 years, Congressman Kucinich has represented the people of Ohio’s 10th District with honor and integrity. Americans need to unite behind America’s most courageous congressman in making sure that special interests are defeated in this election on March 4th. We need to stand up for a congressman who has spent over four decades standing up for us and to say no to the special interests trying to influence this election – Please visit to make a contribution today.”


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