Fort Hood soliders breaking the silence in war in Iraq (video link)

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By Chelsea Hover
2/17/2008 10:53 PM

A growing number of active duty soldiers or recent Iraq war veterans are speaking up about the war in Iraq.

And with the number of soldiers speaking up about their experiences in Iraq via online forums, blogs and pamphlets, some vets feel it’s their duty to let the American public know the truth.

…continued and video

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8 thoughts on “Fort Hood soliders breaking the silence in war in Iraq (video link)

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  2. I keep hearing about the truth, the truth is that there are soldiers that singed up for a job that obviously they are not cut out for “the ones crying”. I’m just glad I didnt have any of them to my left or to my right in any of my 3 deployments yeah I was saving their asses when they were in trouble. If you dont like what you see get out of the military and quit crying. All I know is that I will defent this country or I will die trying.

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  4. At last Thursday’s fundraiser, Iraq Veterans Against the War reported that they are growing rapidly. The right doesn’t want to face how unpopular the war is in the military.

  5. Mareen,, what is this truth you speak of? I am assuming you are an 18 year vet and can speak from experience?

    Truth is relative to the reader.

  6. In reading the comment before mine I can see that not all soldiers have a mind of their own and see clearly what is in front of them. There are more and more soldiers seeing through the military veil that is necessary to keep them in the game and now are speaking out about the trueth! More and more everyday! So don’t tell me you are the majority because you haven’t found your conscience!

  7. These “soldiers” do not speak for any sort of majority, they are a tiny minority…

    As a vet and subject to recall due to my expertise, I along with the vast majority of American military stand ready to fight and defend the right of people like you to have blogs with ridiculous yellow buttons claiming 1 million dead in Iraq…

    Just trying to add some levity…

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