Olbermann: The Oswald “Transcripts”? + Will Gore Get Into It? + Pilot Era

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Feb. 18, 2008

The Oswald “Transcripts”? 

Keith speaks with Gary Mack.

Secrecy breeds conspiracies… and not all conspiracy theorist are false. A potent blend that still fuels speculation about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. And in our number one story on the Countdown, when a transcript of a purported conversation between Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and the man who shot Oswald — Jack Ruby — is released… A transcript, pre-dating the Kennedy assassination… in which the two men discuss the assassination… It is bound to churn conspiracy theories anew… Even though the transcript has been deemed by the FBI to be a fake.

Will Gore Get Into It? 

Keith speaks with Jonathan Alter.

Can the man who was robbed of the presidency in the year 2000… ensure that Democrats are not robbed of a nominee… in the year 2008? In our fourth story tonight, word from Al Gore to the deadlocked presidential race… don’t make me stop this car and come back there… because I will.

Pilot Era

Keith speaks with Jim Moore.

It’s official, the whole Bush clan hearts John McCain. In our third story tonight, it’s not just Jeb, any more…

World’s Worst –

Worse: Glenn Beck

Worser: The Heritage Foundation.

Worst: George W. Bush