Report: Nonlethal Weapons Could Target Brain, Mimic Schizophrenia

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By Sharon Weinberger
February 18, 2008

Of all the crazy, bizarre less-lethal weapons that have been proposed, the use of microwaves to target the human mind remains the most disturbing. The question has always been: is this anything more than urban myth? We may not have the final answer to this question, but a newly declassified Pentagon report, Bioeffects of Selected Non-Lethal Weapons, obtained by a private citizen under the Freedom of Information Act, provides some fascinating tidbits on a variety of exotic weapons ideas.Among those discussed are weapons that could disrupt the brain, as well as my longtime obsession, the “Voice of God” device, which creates voices in people’s heads. As the report notes, “Application of the microwave hearing technology could facilitate a private message transmission. It may be useful to provide a disruptive condition to a person not aware of the technology. Not only might it be disruptive to the sense of hearing, it could be psychologically devastating if one suddenly heard ‘voices within one’s head.'”

Voices in your head disturbing? Heck, yeah, considering it’s something most people associate with schizophrenia. The age-old question is whether such a weapon is possible.

Sadly, there’s little context for the report, which is dated 1998, and no specific references to current programs or research, if any, about such weapons.


h/t: Shane (Infoseekr)

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  4. After reporting an injury I suffered while training with the US Army Reserves at Camp Swift. TX, on July 25 1995, is was diagnosis as schizophrenic. I was hurt my red lights (like the color of a laser) that shot into my eyes out of the computer monitor and it only took upon seeing this faster than I could close my eyes. I went into seizures and convulations losing consciousness which lasted 55 minutes. Having never had a seizure in my life. Bio Effects of NLW starting on page 8 explains almost exactly what happened to me. The only thing missing in that report are the devices use to cause this injuries.

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