Vote for Gravel Today in Hawaii, Washington & Wisconsin (video)

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Gravel for President of the United States
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Help spread the word, let’s use the power of the Internet, do what mainstream media has refused to do.……

Noam Chomsky on Ron Paul…

Vote for Gravel Today in Hawaii, Washington and Wisconsin

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NPR’s All Things Considered left out Mike Gravel (action alert)

Fraud on Voters by The Nation & Chris Hayes (videos) (updated)

Mike Gravel 01.31.08 Pepperdine University (videos) left Mike Gravel’s name off in their online poll (updated) Pushes the Worst, Ignoring Gravel for President (video)

Chomsky Applauds Mike Gravel (video)


Mike Gravel For President 2008

4 thoughts on “Vote for Gravel Today in Hawaii, Washington & Wisconsin (video)

  1. I agree that Noam Chomsky needs to be a top adviser to any presidency. He’s a rare gift. Chomsky should be a senior cabinet official, National Security Advisor perhaps.
    Nader should be Sec. Of Interior (gadd I hate politics).

    But I can’t listen to any more speeches by Obama, I’m sorry, it’s the ‘Chinese food’ problem, as Davis pointed out– it’s empty calories. Lots of flavor but no substance. Nader was right about him, he’s censoring himself, we have no idea what his platform really is.

    Anyway, it’s a foregone conclusion for me: McBomb will eat Obama like an eggroll, and McBomb will win. Nobody will care. Iran will be incinerated, and it will be on to superbowl ’08.

    (And I will be applying for citizenship to Belize).

  2. Another important Mike Gravel link I think is at our site On Day One on the National Initiative for Democracy.

    Short version being, “This would empower the American people to stop relying on corrupt politicians and a broken system in order to get things done and better their nation. Support real, direct democracy in America!”

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