Olbermann: Right Wingers to McCain’s Defense + Punk’D

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I couldn’t get World’s Worst video to work on Firefox but found that it does work on IE.  Have no idea why, maybe it’s just my computer?  ~ Lo


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MSNBC Political Analyst and Air America Radio host Rachel Maddow joins Keith Olbermann to discuss the truce between John McCain and prominent right wingers. Aired 2/21/08.



You just got traded for a hot dog eater!

World’s Worst

Worse: Richard Perle

Worser: Bill’O

Worst: Karl Rove


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4 thoughts on “Olbermann: Right Wingers to McCain’s Defense + Punk’D

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  3. That is the largest dose of limbaugh I’ve had in some time. I question the need to have broadcast all that. by MSNBC.

    Limbaugh is a very very sick man. The blood on his and coulter’s hands is immeasurable. His silly war against ‘liberals’ covers his real creed, which is a doctrine of death and hate, and for that he needs to be finally disposed of, which I had once thought the Clinton era did, if not his opiate habit.

    If McBomb is shown to have behaved unethically in any way whatsoever, and if the Limbaughs of the shock-jock set choose to skewer the messenger (The Times) and not the stinking fish itself, then the whole bunch of ‘em are rotten (not that we needed this story to know that),

    Each and every quasi-moralistic religious evangelical miscreant espousing the malarkey that causes all this trouble in the world and the addicting of the nation to greed, god and guns, can only be defined for once and for all, by one word: HYPOCRITE.

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