10,000 Turkish troops enter Iraq + videos

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February 23, 2008

TURKEY has sent up to 10,000 troops into northern Iraq to hunt down Kurdish guerillas, despite earlier warnings from the United States against such a ground offensive.



Turkey Invades Iraq

Turkey’s military has sent 10,000 troops into northern Iraq in a land offensive against Kurdish Workers’ party (PKK) fighters based there.

The military said its forces had launched the cross-border land offensive backed by fighter jets on Thursday night.



Turkey ‘opens fire’ on PKK in Iraq

Al Jazeera English

Turkey’s military has fired on positions in northern Iraq suspected to be held by Turkish Kurdish separatists, an Iraqi Kurdish official and a rebel spokesman have said.

There were no reports of casualties from the artillery attacks on Thursday on the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK), which seeks self-rule for Turkish Kurds in southeast Turkey.



ALERT: Turkish army incursion into Iraq


Friday February 22nd, 2008

10,000 Turkish troops cross into northern Iraq to strike against suspected PKK targets


TURKEY INVADES IRAQ: A New front opens


With this invasion Turkey has shown it is quite prepared to deal with what it considers Terrorists, the very people the US and the UK protected from Saddam Hussein are now launching attacks against Turkey.

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Turkish forces storm into northern Iraq


Turkish ground forces have stormed the border into northern Iraq launching a major ground offensive that had been promised for many months.

Kurdish sources in the area have reported heavy fighting, but the number of casualties has been unconfirmed.

The United States was informed of the operation before it began and said Turkey had the right to defend itself. The UN secretary general has now urged Turkey to respect Iraq’s border.

Laurence Lee has the following report. AlJazeeraEnglish

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  2. The Kurds will be responsible for the next conflagration
    in the Middle East. They reside primarily in Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran, with smaller communities in neighboring states. About half of all Kurds (12-15 million) live in Southeast Turkey.

    The Kurds have waged an ongoing battle for decades with the Turkish governemnt, demanding a “homeland.” The Turks have refused to give an inch of land to them. The former Shah of Iran and the Ayatolla Khomeini both engaged the Kurds in fierce fighting over the years. Various types of oppression have occurred in all locations the Kurds reside.

    They want their own country. To get it, other countries would have to cede parts of their territory to the Kurds — and that is not going to happen.

    With the conflict in Iraq, the US has coerced the Iraqi governemnt to provide a “semi-autonomous” region in the northwest that the Kurds now call Kurdistan. The area contains a significant percentage of the Iraqi oil

    Kurdish leaders have signed oil agreements with western companies and are shipping the oil from their area out of Iraq. This has allowed the Kurds to arm themselves and to increase their forays into southeast Turkey, in an attempt to take over additional land and to join with their people from there.

    Turkey has not been, and will not be, reluctant to cross their border with Iraq to quell Kurdish incursions and to destroy supply depots and what they consider Kurdish terrorist strongholds.

    When the Iraqi central government gains control of the rest of the country, regardless of whether it is under Sunni or Shia leadership, it will then use the Iraqi military against the Kurds who will fight. Northwestern Iraq and southeast Turkey represent the most feasible geographic areas that they believe they can obtain for their Kurdish state. They will fight to hold on to their newfound homeland and the Iraqis will fight to regain control of their oil resources. It will be a no-holds-barred series of battles. There is a possibility that Turkey would join with the Iraqi military in order to put an end, once and for all, to the Kurdish problem.

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