Cops Plant Drugs, Beat Suspect (video)

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A lawsuit was filed on Thursday accusing Cookeville, Tennessee police of “excessive use of force” and “planting contraband” during a domestic assault arrest last year.

One officer has been placed on leave because of the incident, and five others are named in the federal lawsuit.

Police car video from the Cookeville Police Department captured the incident that triggered the lawsuit.

On the night of June 4, 2007, Carlos Ferrell was stopped by police on a domestic assault warrant. According to the lawsuit, Ferrell’s ex-wife, Tiffany, saw Ferrell, called police and was involved in the initial chase.


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5 thoughts on “Cops Plant Drugs, Beat Suspect (video)

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  3. “Has anyone ever met a genuinely good cop?”

    Actually, I have met a few good cops in my town.

    In this particular case the man had a restraining order and was breaking it, but the unnecessary force used is unacceptable and allowing the dog to bite him while he was just sitting there is outrageous! It also seems like the cops planted the pot on him in order to have an additional charge. That should be scary for all of us.

    Yes, I posted the video several times on my old blog about what to do when stopped by the police. I’ll have to repost it here. Thanks for the reminder, Natureboy.

  4. BUSTED!
    If those skinhead blackshirts get away with that, even I’ll be surprised.

    Has anyone ever met a genuinely good cop?

    Copperism selects for power-hungry bullies,
    Get rid of this war on pot and cops will have a lot less fun serving up their ‘protection’ at our taxpayer expense.

    Even if it wasn’t a plant… Scary SS stuff for real. He wasn’t even under arrest yet! Good you broadcast that abuse (but if the guy was abusing the woman, lock him up and foss the key. No leniency for bigots or wife beaters!)

    It’s gonna get lot’s worse- there’s a good vid on what to do if tha goons stop ya, Do you even have to get out of the car?

    I miss Barney Miller~

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