Dahr Jamail: Beyond the Green Zone (video; 07)

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PHubb on Apr 25, 2011
43 min 21 sec – 2007

Dahr Jamail – Unembedded Journalist talks about his amazing experiences reporting the Iraqi side of the war. Torture, white phosphorus and deadly attacks unfold in graphic stories of the American occupation.
Chicago, June 16, 2007
Socialism 2007: Socialism for the 21st Century
Filmed by Paul Hubbard

Paul Hubbard
Producer: Paul Hubbard


Where’s The Iraqi Voice? By Noam Chomsky

Bush’s Dirty Secret: Bribing Iraq Insurgents Not to Fight By Paul Craig Roberts

Dispatches from an Unembedded Journalist in Occupied Iraq (must-see video; Dahr Jamail)

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  4. I am deeply touched by this, wrote some thoughts. Sorry for the length:

    This guy has some serious cajones.
    Here is a young man who took this outrage we all feel at the disinformation by the mainstream media, and went to the front lines and actually bore witness and relayed the real deal.

    It reminds me of the amazing work by Amy Goodman and Alain Nairn (amazing man: http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Foreign_Policy/AllanNairn_page.html ) travelling to East Timor during that US backed atrocity, or Seymore Hersh breaking the My Lai massacre. Certainly brings to mind Jeremy Scahill, a brilliant hero who went up against Blackwater, a fearless act that could only have resulted in disaster for us mere mortals (and people think the troops are ‘brave’…)

    Not all civilian activists who go to the front to record the reality of US atrocities survive, and I think often about Marla Ruszica, who went down there in the middle of the invasion, and interviewed Iraqis to try to get the real figures on how many were being killed as a direct result of the US invasion. She is a personal hero of mine, and I hope nobody will ever forget Marla Ruszika. I also think of Rachel Corrie, who went to Palestine to try to stop the US backed thugs from knocking down people’s houses with US bulldozers, reporting in her journal the entire time, if not to the press.

    Activist independent journalists are the heroes of these times. The fact that they are not met with more ‘accidents’ at the front is a sort of cynical surprise for me, but knock wood, as they say. I can’t think of anything more dangerous for a civilian to be doing in a war-zone.

    This is such an important video, to know that people care enough to actually go there and report back the truth. Of course all that is about to be anniversaried yet again, and things have revolved around yet worse (the ‘surge’ having since ‘worked’ notwithstanding).

    Now what I’d like to see is all of these revelations above, placed side-by-side to the MSM claims, particularly arch horror-monger of the MSM who everyone seems to respect so much, Bill Kristol-nacht.

    There needs to be point-by-point rebuttals to each and every one of the false and sanitized statements by the ‘respectable’ MSM. I wish I had the brains and the skills to do this, but there are those who do, and it’s so encouraging to see, and so impressive!

    It’s great to see Keitho deconstruct his pet peeve, Billo each night, it’s a major ‘take that you idiot red-staters! who believe this stuff!’ But the MSM can’t really take seriously those hate-mongering shock-jocks (right??).

    This deconstructing of the MSM, holding them to account for their lies and obfuscations is so important. I want to see the continued rebuttals to Condi’s refutation of her WMD fraud, as well as each and every one of the ‘propaganda by the MSM’ as Dahr Jamal so aptly puts it.

    ‘Help the MSM DIE’ as he says. Deconstruct and destroy the MSM, it must be taken down.

    I think he may be too positive at the end about the hopes for that, I think since then, since the surge ‘worked’ people have turned the page on the war, and now perceive it as Bill Kristol ran it out on John Stewart just last week: The surge worked, and people will look back on this war as a ‘good thing’.

    Out of sight/out of mind has worked wonders to dispel any nascent anti-war movement, and I’m afraid he gives the people a bit too much credit. Since last June, as we’ve watched what people seem to be interested in about the candidates, it appears the people are as shallow, distorted, and dismissive of their own blind complicity in war-crimes as ever.

    Never has there been such excellent alternative news as we have here collected on Dandelion Salad– it remains to be seen if the people will choose the red pill or the blue, certainly both the truth and the corporate lie are out there in almost equal measure (TV notwithstanding, but if you have a computer). It is up to the people to decide, and if past performance is any measure of future returns, the people will, for whatever completely unknown reason, choose pabulum over sustenance every time.

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