Why Are Thousands of Bats Dying in NY?

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By Michael Hill
The Associated Press
Thursday, February 14, 2008; 2:13 PM


h/t: Speaking Truth to Power

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6 thoughts on “Why Are Thousands of Bats Dying in NY?

  1. Carol, so sorry to hear of your health problems. Hopefully your doctor is listening to you.

    In the case of the bats, it looks to be something other than the EMF.

  2. I hope scientists don’t waste too much time trying to narrow it down to a single infectious pathogen or chemical. My immune system is at a standstill with chronic Lyme and multiple coinfections, yeast, viruses – but my bigger problem is the cell phone/wireless boom.

    I’m not sure which signal or group of singals is responsible for the collapse of my immune system, but I know some signal is involved because exposure to EMF/RF now turns my tongue white and makes me feel deathly ill. My adrenals are working overtime, I can’t sleep, can’t eat a normal diet…

    No scientist will listen to me though because it’s easier to hate germs and pesticides than it is to hate the wireless technology we’ve grown to love and depend on.

    What a shame. The bats are going to die because we are addicted to wireless technology. But we’re next, because if they go…

  3. It’s the wireless boom. I know – I can feel them.

    Mobile and Wireless – The Largest Biological Experiment Ever:


    Bioinitiative Report:


    Mobile Phone Emissions Increase Worm Fertility:


    I figured I’d include this one girl’s project, too:

    Do EMFs Affect Yeast Growth?

    Click to access J1310.pdf

    I found some excerpts, too, from some books I’ve been reading…

    ‘Cross Currents’ by Robert O. Becker M.D. – page 72.

    “In 1975, Professor Richard Blakemore, also of Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory, became intrigued by the strange behavior of some bacteria he was studying. Blakemore noticed that the bacteria always clustered at the north side of their culture dish. Even if he turned the dish so that they were at the south end and left it overnight, the next morning the bacteria were back at the north side. While such “magnetotrophic” bacteria had been described before, no one had ever done what Blakemore did next: he looked at them under the electron microscope. What he found was astonishing. Each bacterium contained a chain of tiny magnets! The magnets were actually crystals of the naturally magnetic mineral magnetite, the original lodestone of preliterate peoples. Somehow, the bacteria absorbed the soluble components from the water and put them together in their bodies as the insoluble crystalline chain.

    Later studies showed that this arrangement was of value to these bacteria, which lived in the mud on the bottom of shallow bays and marshes. If they were moved by the tide or by storm waves, their magnetic chains were large enough (in comparison to their body size) to physically turn their bodies so that they pointed down at an angle corresponding to the direction of magnetic north. All the bacteria had to do was swim in that direction, and sooner or later they would be back in the mud. This was an interesting mechanism, but it did not contain any sophisticated information transfer. The bacteria did not “know” that north was the way to swim; they just did so. However, these observations opened up a much more interesting series of investigations.”

    ‘The Body Electric’ by Robert O. Becker, M.D. – (pages 276-278)

    Subliminal Stress

    “After Howard Friedman, Charlie Bachman, and I had found evidence that “abnormal natural” fields from solar magnetic storms were effecting the human mind as reflected in psychiatric hospital admissions, we decided the time had come for direct experiments with people. We exposed volunteers to magnetic fields placed so the lines of force passed through the brain from ear to ear, cutting across the brainstem-frontal current. The fields were 5 to 11 gauss, not much compared with the 3,000 gauss needed to put a salamander to sleep, but ten to twenty times earth’s background and well above the level of most magnetic storms. We measured their influence on a standard test of reaction time – having subjects press a button as fast as possible in response to a red light. Steady fields produced no effect, but when we modulated the field with a slow pulse of a cycle every 5 seconds (one of the delta wave frequencies we’d observed in salamander brains during a change from one level of consciousness to another), people’s reactions slowed down. We found no changes in the EEG or the front-to-back voltage from fields up to 100 gauss, but these indicators reflect major alterations in awareness, so we didn’t expect them to shift.

    We were excited, eagerly planning experiments that would tell us more, when we came upon a frightening Russian report. Yuri Kholodov had administered steady magnetic fields of 100 and 200 gauss to rabbits and found areas of cell death in their brains during autopsy. Although his fields were ten times as strong as ours, we stopped all human experiments immediately.

    Friedman decided to duplicate Kholodov’s experiment with a more detailed analysis of the brain tissue. He made the slides and sent them to an expert on rabbit brain diseases, but coded them so no one knew which were which until later.

    The report showed that all the animals had been infected with a brain parasite that was peculiar to rabbits and common throughout the world. However, in half the animals the protozoa had been under control by the immune system, whereas the other half they’d routed the defenders and destroyed parts of their brain. The expert suggested that we must have done something to undermine resistance of the rabbits in the experimental group. The code confirmed that most of the brain damage had occurred in animals subjected to the magnetic fields. Later, Friedman did biochemical tests on another series of rabbits and found that the fields were causing a generalized stress reactions marked by large amounts of cortisone in the bloodstream. This is the response called forth by a prolonged stress, like a disease, that isn’t an immediate threat to life, as opposed to the fight-or-flight response generated by adrenaline.

    Soon thereafter, Friedman measured cortisone levels in monkeys exposed to 200-gauss magnetic fields for four hours a day. They showed the stress response for six days, but it then subsided, suggesting adaptation to the field. Such seeming tolerance of continued stress is illusory, however. In his pioneering lifework on stress, Dr. Hans Selye has clearly drawn the invariable pattern: Initially, the stress activates the hormonal and/or immune systems to a higher-than-normal level, enabling the animal to escape danger or combat disease. If the stress continues, hormone levels and immune activity gradually decline to normal. If you stop your experiment at this point, you’re apparently justified in saying, “The animal has adapted; the stress is doing it no harm.” Nevertheless, if the stressful condition persists, hormone and immune levels decline further, well below normal. In medical terms, stress decompensation has set in, and the animal is now more susceptible to other stressors, including malignant growth and infectious disease.

    In the mid-1970’s, two Russian groups found stress hormones released in rats exposed to microwaves, even if they were irradiated only briefly by minute amounts of energy. Other Eastern European work found the same reaction to 50-hertz electric fields. Several Russian and Polish groups have since established that after prolonged exposure the activation of the stress system changes to a depression of it in the familiar pattern, indicating exhaustion of the adrenal cortex. There has even been one report of hemorrhage and cell damage in the adrenal cortex from a month’s exposure to a 50-hertz, 130-gauss magnetic field.

    Soviet biophysicist N. A. Udintsev has systematically studied the effects of one ELF magnetic field (200 gauss at 50hz) on the endocrine system. In addition to the “slow” stress response we’ve been discussing, he found activation of the “fast” fight-or-flight hormones centering on adrenaline from the adrenal medulla. This response was triggered in rats by just one day in Udinstev’s field, and hormone levels didn’t return to normal for one or two weeks. Udinstev also documented an insulin insufficiency and rise in blood sugar from the same field.

    One aspect of the syndrome was very puzzling. When undergoing these hormonal changes, an animal would normally be aware that its body was under attack, yet, as far as we could tell, the rabbits were not. They showed no outward signs of fear, agitation, or illness. Most humans certainly wouldn’t be able to detect a 100-gauss magnetic field, at least not consciously. Only several years after Friedman’s work did anyone find out how this was happening.

    In 1976 a group under J. J. Noval at the Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory at Pensacola, Florida, found the slow stress response in rats from very weak electric fields, as low as five thousandths of a volt per centimeter. They discovered that when such fields vibrated in the ELF range, they increased levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brainstem, apparently in a way that activated a distress signal subliminally, without the animal’s becoming aware of it. The scariest part was that the fields Noval used were well within the background levels of a typical office, with its overhead lighting, typewriters, computers, and other equipment. Workers in such an environment are exposed to electric fields between a hundredth and a tenth of a volt per centimeter and magnetic fields between a hundredth and a tenth of a gauss.”

  4. RSOE Emergency and Disaster Information Service (EDIS)..Cindy

    ..This has been discussed extensively on the bat rehabilitation newsgroups, and every bat biologist in the northeast US is involved in trying to determine the cause and halt the mortality. At some important winter hibernacula, they fear there could be 100% mortality this winter. The white believed to be caused by a type of fusarium fungus, although that could also be an opportunistic infection that is caused by some other underlying condition. The fungal infection may cause the bats to arouse from hibernation just enough so they use all their stored fat before the insects come back in the spring. It is deadly serious and horrifying and, although I’m not a religious person, I pray that spring comes early this year before these affected bats all starve to death…

    Posted by Cindy on Friday, February 22, 2008 at 1:09 AM

    As Cindy mentioned, there are a lot of very dedicated biologists working on this right now. The current thinking is that the fungus is secondary or even tertiary to the actual cause of death. The Fish and Wildlife Service is posting updates here: http://www.fws.gov/northeast/white_nose.html.

    BCI has set up a fund to research what’s killing these bats. Anyone wishing to donate can contact me at sgerichten@batcon.org or 512-327-9721.

    There’s also a direct donation form here: https://www.batcon.org/forms/dond.asp?program=The+Fund+For+White+nose+Syndrome+Research

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