Barack Obama: The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing + His Puppetmasters (vids)

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10 thoughts on “Barack Obama: The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing + His Puppetmasters (vids)

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  4. I’m living in Canada, but have been following the election fairly closely for over a year. It would be of great benefit to the people of the United States to at least hear what Ron Paul, and Dennis Kucinich have to say. However, in the case of Ron Paul, even as a Canadian, I am very concerned about what he might do to your somewhat limited social safety-net and the repercussions around the world.

    In 1993, I heard Hillary Clinton speak and immediately felt she would be the next president of the United States, with Al Gore as Vice President. Although, Bill was a great president, I think all his extra-curricular activities, made the previously mentioned difficult. However, even Michael Moore, has noted that Hillary despite her desire for Universal healthcare, is the single largest recipient of Pharma dollars, which puts her in a difficult situation.

    WRT Obama, he appears to have promising ideas and his apparent distance from Washington insiders and power brokers has the potential to move the country in a different direction. In any case, the president doesn’t run the country alone, but rather pull together the team of individuals that lead. What exactly are the crooked politics,, same old politics, deceptions, lies, and dangers to america of which you speak?

    If Obama continues to do well on super tuesday, I would expect him to take the presidency and invite Hillary or Gore to be the Vice President.

  5. myrbailey, Hillary Clinton is not the solution.

    John, Mrs. Obama is not running for president, what is your point about her thesis not being available and it was written 22 or 23 yrs ago?

  6. No Bama, No Bama
    Obama= empty promises
    Obama= no solutions
    Obama= crooked politics
    Obama=same old tired politics masked
    Obama=deception & lies
    Obama= danger to America
    Obama=snake oil salesman
    Go Hillary and Save us from this fraud

  7. Dandi,
    Here’s an Idea, how about ending poverty right here.
    (can’t seel those wonderful weapons)
    How about leaving indiginous peoples alone?
    (can’t sell those wonderful weapons)
    How about Indiginous peoples, right to self determination?
    (can’t sell those wonderful weapons)
    How about ending christian/judeo/police state mentality ?
    (can’t sell those wonderful weapons)
    How about ending the abstract War on Terror ?
    (can’t sell those wonderful “New” weapons)
    How about it ?
    (its our money that produces these wonderful weapons)

    Only Ron Paul, and Dennis Kucinich know that this is “NOT” the American way, and we(the people..,) know it too!

    Vote by Absentee Ballot, no morph test thuggery, or cage.
    No count ? ?
    Nothing beats a failure, except a try.

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