Feb 25 Program: Seeds of Destruction, US Military Bases Around the World, Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

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Global Research, February 25, 2008

The Global Research News Hour w/ Michel Chossudovsky & Stephen Lendman

Feb 25 Program: Seeds of Destruction, US Military Bases Around the World, Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

Monday, February 25th 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM (CST)
12 Noon to 2.00 pm (EST)
9.00 am – 11.00 am (PT)

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Monday February 25, 2008

-Genetically Modified Seeds,

-US Military Bases around the World

-Update on Evolving Situation in Palestine

Host: Michel Chossudovsky. Guests: William F. Engdahl, Dr. David Halpin, Professor Jules Dufour.

First Hour: (11am- 12 noon CST)

F. William Engdahl, best selling author and analyst of the New world Order will be talking about his most recent book, Seeds of Destruction, The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation.

Second Hour: (12 Noon – 1.00pm CST)

Distinguished British physician Dr. Halpin, who will be travelling shortly to Gaza, will be reviewing the situation in the Middle East, focussing on the humanitarian crisis in Palestine.

Award-winning Canadian geographer, professor Jules Dufour has recently completed a detailed study of US military bases. He will talking about the global deployment of America’s military arsenal around the World.

A link to the archive of our Monday Global Research News Hour is available immediately on podcast after the live program (11am -13pm CT)

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The Global Research News Hour with Michel Chossudovsky & Stephen Lendman (audio link)


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