New Study on the Cost of the Iraq War THREE TRILLION DOLLARS

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February 25, 2008 BBC World

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8 thoughts on “New Study on the Cost of the Iraq War THREE TRILLION DOLLARS

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  2. Good point.

    The Cons woulda fought any/all expenditures on anything good as being ‘tax & spend’ by ‘card-carrying libs’, while all the cons have to do is lie their way into a deployment, and all of a sudden congress is obligated to ‘support our troops’, regardless of how blatant the crime, which US companies are getting that money, and how obviously corrupt.

    Nobody fights the Cons. They get what they want and almost nobody in Congress has a thing to say about it, ever.

    I blame Congress, and I blame the US populace.
    They get what they deserve.

    But the Iraqi civilians didn’t deserve genocide and the destruction of their homeland and for that crime, I again blame middle america and their right wing, religious-fanatical ‘conservatism’.

    It is a fascinating study in the gullible arrogance of the USA that they pursued so many bogus deployments, and that they STILL believe in this one.

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  6. We can’t afford this faux-war with Iraq any longer.

    Use the troops to strengthen our borders, use our troops to fight Al-Queda where the threat originally came from (Afghanistan), use the troops in a deterrence type formation against nations that actually pose a threat to us (Russia & China namely).


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