Revisiting Longshoreman’s Union Hall with Dennis Kucinich

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Revisiting 2003 with Dennis Kucinich: “No More 16 Tons In America”Longshoremen’s Union Hall in Tacoma, WACongressman Dennis Kucinich announced he is withdrawing from the 2008 presidential race. While it is true that neither the PepperSpray Collective or “Indymedia Presents” endorses ANY candidate for ANY office, we have always liked Kucinich for raising the issues so clearly, and for his consistency.On the occasion of him withdrawing from the race, we reached back into our archives and dug out a speech he made at the Longshoremen’s Union hall in Tacoma, WA four years ago. It was a great speech, and if we didn’t tell you it was that old, you’d probably think it was right up to the moment.This speech was given BEFORE Al Gore came out with “An Inconvenient Truth,” This speech was given BEFORE the exposure of the broken health care system in “Sicko.” This speech was given BEFORE 80% of the American people had turned against the war.

Dennis Kucinich has been there all along.

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