Free Energy Home Generator – Zero Point Energy – Off the Grid

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[Note: this is a clip from an Australian News channel.  DS has no information about these generators. ~DS]

Replaced video Dec. 19, 2009

October 31, 2008

Is this the end of the internal combustion engine? Will we finally be able to drive past gas stations with a friendly wave and a honking horn? Will we be disconnecting from the power grid or even selling power back to the electric company? We’re about to find out.


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73 thoughts on “Free Energy Home Generator – Zero Point Energy – Off the Grid

  1. Whatever the Mind of Mortal Man can Believe and Conceive, it CAN ACHIEVE !
    I am in AWE and encourage you to continue your work.
    Achieve excellence!

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  5. the videos on youtube are all fake anyone with half a brain can see that you can’t buy a few magnets from a
    store and setup a ppm cause all the magnets that i
    have seen manufactured are designed in such a way
    that makes it impossible to create motion using permenant magnetic on there own the magnets would
    have to be specially made to achive continous motion.

  6. We already have, and have had a virtually perpetual, inexhaustible energy source, it’s called the SUN.

    But if you’re lucky enough to also have falling water, you’re twkce charmed.

    Falling water and a ridge-top for wind? You’re more than set.

    Maybe there is dark matter, and some sort of matter/anti-matter drive, maybe there is also a light saber in our future, some way of controlling laser light so it stops 6 ft. out.

    Maybe the mitichlorians will enable us to sense the force for real.

    Maybe more of science fiction will manifest, and they will find a way to grow meat without having to kill animals, so even cannibals can be made moral.

    But for now, leave pipe dreams in the realm of dreamers, and be happy we can live fine, comfortable, modern lives without oil.

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  8. Quite the fracas. People obsessing over ‘conventional wisdom’ need to remember how it was arrived at : experimentation. Explanation – rationalization really – follows progress as often as it precedes it.
    That said – I know very well the scams are out there. So is the suppression, with things as obvious as GM selling battery patents to Chevron to screw up potenial mass production of the electric car – Toyota’s RAV got nailed that way – to the mysterious death of the inventor of the water car.
    And yes, I do recall seeing the news report of an electrolyte solution having the water fractured out of it by a specific microwave frequency.
    The Tesla story is neat. Read the bio sometime. The public explanation for the infeasibility of broadcast power being a problem of billing for it is mind boggling.

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  11. All electric motors harness magnetic force to create rotary motion so its no wonder so many people with
    inventive minds have tried to create motion using permanent magnets problem is you cant reverse the polarity of a permanent magnet to keep the rotation going that why electromagnets are used reverse the currunt and the the polarity is reversed.

  12. Zero point energy generators do work and have been around since the 1930s, starting with Nicola Telsa, but anyone who tries to develop them for public use is either ridiculed, bankrupted, threatened, jailed, or last resort killed. Wake up people we do not live in a free society.

  13. how do I get involved with this? a generator, in my understanding produces dc (an alternator would produce ac). thus would charge batteries to run a house or car. using batteries is a proven method in solar power systems. we also have had cars that run on batteries too, ev1 and tesla prototypes. these systems are sound and proven to work. what we need is an on board charging system. this or one like it could fill that need. could someone get this information to groups that could investigate this? like and any one else that has the resourses. thank you for your efforts in getting the word out.

  14. Two of the most brilliant inventors the world has ever seen, build a generator that can produce more than enough power to run a house. Yet it is not. Did they forget to hook the house up to it?
    Or they haven’t gotten around to it yet? I know, they just enjoy paying the utility company for power they could generate themselves. The device was off at the beginning of the video but there is clear indications that the room the device is in, is on grid power. Showing the device powering the house would be a huge selling point don’t you think? My cheque book is staying right where it is.

  15. I find all the free energy machines very interesting if they work or can be perfected to work, it would really help us stop being so reliant on fossel fuels. I’ve looked into solar and wind energy and of coarse found them to be very expensive. Sinse I don’t have a river next to my house, hydro electric is out. So what I’ve been looking into is taking exsisting technologies and trying to expand on them. For a solar home you need so many solar panels to meet your total wattage usage per day. I’ve bought a small amount of solar panels, 5 – 115 watt Evergreen, to work with and have seen nice results with my motors with just one panel. By using a low amperage draw high rpm motor which I found and high amp output alternator set up which is run by the solar panels. I’m looking to produce more wattage output than just using the solar panels alone to charge my battery bank, eliminating the need for huge expesive solar arrays when you can do the same thing with a much smaller and less expensive system. I’ve been working with car alternators and permenant magnet alternator which don’t have the drag like a car alternator but a little more expensive, but don’t have the parts that wear out. I’m also working on another type of generating system that I’ll share with you later, still on the black board. I welcome your ideas and comments, thanks

  16. First, Cleveland, thanks for the explanation of ZPE. I haven’t studied physics in over 20 years so I am a little rusty, but I do remember my physics well enough to know that perpetual motion machines do not exist. If these people believe they have a real invention then have them bring the device out to the middle of a field set it up and run TV / Satillite dish for a week with no wires or other hook up to the equipment. If they can do this then the world will seriously listen to what they have to say. Most scam inventors always need a setting that they can control the environment to let the smoke and mirrors work .

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  19. In response rgimare:

    My work revolves around hydrogen research. So I am fully qualified to evaluate these kinds of claims on a scientific level. You are right in that curiosity has allowed many products and technologies to come to fruition, and simply accepting the current views is an ineffective way to approach science. However, there are certain things that are understood well enough that wild claims by individuals are not nearly enough to refute mountains of scientific literature. You call my views narrow, but have you done a review of scientific literature? Have you done these kinds of experiments? Skeptics are criticized for not doing the experiments themselves, but somehow the proponents don’t feel the need to live up to the same burden of proof. If anyone has an argument for zero-point energy or Browns gas on a detailed level, i would be more than willing to hear them out, but everything I have ever seen has been youtube videos, smoke and mirrors, or someone trying to sell something.

  20. newton’s laws were not the final word. einstein’s were not. quantum is not. our understanding of the physical world evolves each time someone discovers something once believed impossible. one can only assume then that the way we understand the laws of physics could be temporary as well. it’s the best we have at this point so we use it, but that could change at any time. all i’ve seen on this site is a lot of people defending their own worldviews. has anyone taken the time to experiment in order to know truth? i have. your approach to the physical reality of the universe is too narrow. discover what’s there rather than accept teh status quo. neith believe nor disbelieve, but find out for yourself. good luck to each of you. curiousity is the foundation.

  21. Once in a episode of some program from Discovery Channel, a guy said that had a device with a special electric currnet to make eletrolisis anf get Hidrogen from water, and the enrgy required was much less than conventional eletrolises. In the programe they said Nasa was in contact with hin to find a atternative to get Hidrogen for spacebus. That’s all bulshit…. Never more appear anything about this super electrolysis. The same way this stupid generator. We want to believe they found a clean way to get energy, but it’s not true and it’s again laws of thermodynamic.

    But we want to believe it’s true, since would be good, so much people simple believe it cause thay want.

    But it’s a lie. Nothing get more energy than takes.

  22. Is “Ciggy” the only one up to date here? A Zero Point Engery machine that outputs more energy that you input was created in 1980 by bendini and the technology has advanced with research being done today. Now i have never heard of a Machine such as the one in the video that puts out that much power but it is possible. I dont what to say to all the people who say its not possible becuase of the energy conservation law but i do know that this is a real powersource that could eventually provide us with energy. Here if you need more proog go to The whole website is proof but for a very good demonstartion go to “pulse motors” at the top and watch the bottom right video.

  23. There are a few people here who have mentioned conservation of energy, and for that I applaud them. The first law of thermodynamics dictates that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. This means that if you put energy into a system, the best-case scenario is that you get 100% back out. The second law, at its core dictates that entropy (a measure of disorder) in a process will always increase. This means that any time you convert energy from one form to another, there will be a loss of total energy. For example, when you turn on your computer, there is electrical power flowing through the computer, a large part of which does no useful work, but is lost as heat energy to the surroundings. In other words, useful energy that can do work is “downgraded” to less useful energy.

    What this means for this motor is that the claims are false. They quite simply cannot be true as they violate the most basic laws of physics. I am all for thinking outside the box, but if these people had created what they claim to have created, they would be less excited about the creation and more excited about the Nobel Prize coming their way. Unfortunately, what is happening is that people who do not understand the science are refusing to listen to people who do, and pseudo-scientific types are taking advantage of that. Brown’s gas, for example. It is not anything new. They are simply separating water into hydrogen and oxygen gas, and instead of separating them, they are keeping the mixture together (a fundamentally bad idea, incidentally. My research pertains to fire safety, and that is a really good way to blow yourself up. You would also never know there was something wrong, since hydrogen will not emit visible light when burning, and burns very violently). Again, the laws of thermodynamics show that in the process of converting from electrical energy to chemical potential energy (going from electricity to H2 and O2), energy will be lost, making water-fueled cars an impossibility, at least in terms of the manner in which people generally refer to it. Certainly you could make a hydrogen-powered car that carried water, but the water would need to be split from another energy source (such as sunlight) in order to actually function as a car, at which point you might as well make an electric car, because it would be a far more efficient use of the sunlight energy. Either way, the limiting source of “fuel” would be an outside energy source, and no closed-loop energy system would be possible.

    Also on the chopping block is zero-point energy. Ironically, this is the energy source in the SciFi show Stargate: Atlantis. Good show certainly, but probably not where you want to pull your scientific ideas from. At it’s core, this idea is based on scientific principles, which is at least a nice start, but really all it means is that scam-artists are reading science textbooks. The principle is quantum-mechanical in nature, and a full, detailed explanation is really not the kind of thing to post on a forum. However, suffice it to say that electrons “orbit” the nucleus of an atom in a defined set of spatial coordinates. These electrons can inhabit defined (quantized) energy levels. The so-called “ground-state”, or the state in which most electrons will find themselves at any given time (the lowest energy level) does not have zero potential energy. Imagine holding a brick 1 meter off the ground, and it staying there on its own. The brick has a finite amount of potential energy based on its position. Similarly, ground-state electrons have potential energy. However, the analogy has to end there. For that potential energy to be harnessed, the electron would have to collapse into the nucleus. This is not possible, as the ground-state is exactly what it sounds like. A more apt analogy than the one I used before is that the brick (electron) would be held 1 meter off the ground (nucleus) by a table (ground-state energy level). In this case, the brick has potential energy with reference to the ground, but the table is in the way. The brick cannot pass through the table, so really the potential energy is relative to the table, not the ground. Thus, the potential energy of the brick on the table is zero, or in terms of an electron, in ground state. Quantum mechanically, the electron is in a state where it would take an outside application of energy to push the electron closer to or further away from the nucleus. There is an “energy well”, and in ground state the electron is at the bottom of the well. Thus, zero-point energy does exist in a manner of speaking, but it cannot be used as a power source.

    Hopefully this has been helpful. I would like to see alternative energy as much as anyone else, but there is no silver bullet solution. Like people before have said, if it sounds too good to be true . . .

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  25. Snake oil scam.. absolute.

    They spent the whole video talking about what this purpoted machine can do rather than how it does it. Typical scam introduction. It could be argued that secrecy was for patents’ sake, but a basic description was expected – what is the input source energy, mode of generation – electromagnetic etc. If their technology was indeed cooked up in a garage, then it won’t be too long before other garage tinkerers get to replicate it. The claim that the output is more than its input, (and that too by a magnitude of 5) screams of hogwash!! The elusive perpetual motion machine. Indeed!!

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