Harmless Plastics? by Guadamour


by Guadamour
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Feb. 27, 2008

Emerging research demonstrates that harmful chemicals can leach from plastics when foods are stored or heated in them.

Of particular concern are bisphenol A (BPA), found in polycarbonate products including water and baby bottles, and phthalates, used to make plastics pliable.

Scientists believe these chemicals cause cancer and irreversible organ damage in fetuses and children.

Last fall California banned the manufacture and sale of toys that contain phthalates, following a similar ban by the European Union.

The city of San Francisco has also outlawed childcare products made with phthalates.

These measures seem justified and it is recommended that one use plastics with caution.

Because most plastic water bottles contain BPA, a stainless steel or glass bottle is recommended. To find one of these visit mysigg.com or kleekanteen.com.