In Defense of Ralph Nader by peacelf

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Ralph Nader’s presidential bid is more than “spoiler” politics. He is democracy in action.


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In defense of Ralph Nader (video)

5 thoughts on “In Defense of Ralph Nader by peacelf

  1. yourblankfile,

    “Being courageous would be showing less pride and ego and joining the [D]emocratic party…”

    Personally, I see little progressive about the Dems. Nonetheless, your point about working within the established party system or “showing less pride and ego” demonstartes how power works. Who created these rules by which you chose to live by? Who decided two parties, when most countries have multi[ple parties? Moreover, what you describe as “ego” has little to do with personality and more to do with politics. Are Hillary and Obama any less egotistic? It takes an enormous ego to run for office. However, it takes enormous humantity to push a truely democratic agenda, like Nader has/does. He’s not asking to maintain the status quo of corporate power. He is challenging corporate power and hoping to return power back to the People. Besides, Kucinich tried to run as a Dem. Where’s he at now?

  2. Being courageous would be showing less pride and ego and joining the democratic party and trying to change things in a Constructive manner rather than Destructive manner ala All Gore’s aid to the green movement.

  3. Read some of the posts under “see” at the end of this post.

    Basically, he’s running to move the Dem Party to the left (back to what the Dem Party used to stand for).

    It certainly isn’t childish. It’s courageous, to say the least.

  4. Running because you have the right to is not smart, it is childish, and it is the wrong way to get things done. Please enlighten me what the endgame of Mr. Nader’s campaign is to be?

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