Condoleezza Rice: Liar, Secretary of State, War Criminal Part 3

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Condoleezza Rice: Liar, Secretary of State, War Criminal pt1

NOTE that in the video I should have said “two senior administration officials” instead of saying “two former administration officials” (which is even worse than what I said):
“But almost a year before, Ms. Rice’s staff had been told that the government’s foremost nuclear experts seriously doubted that the tubes were for nuclear weapons, according to four officials at the Central Intelligence Agency and two senior administration officials, all of whom spoke on condition of anonymity. The experts, at the Energy Department, believed the tubes were likely intended for small artillery rockets.”

Precisely how knowledge of the intelligence dispute traveled through the upper reaches of the administration is unclear. Ms. Rice knew about the debate before her Sept. 2002 CNN appearance, but only learned of the alternative rocket theory of the tubes soon afterward, according to two senior administration officials. President Bush learned of the debate at roughly the same time, a senior administration official said. ” – THE NUCLEAR CARD: The Aluminum Tube Story — A special report.; How White House Embraced Suspect Iraq Arms Intelligence NYT October 3, 2004…
“Dr. Rice’s statements in 2002 were not only wrong; they also did not accurately reflect the intelligence reports of the time. Declassified portions of the CIA’s National Intelligence Estimate from October 2002 make it abundantly clear that there were disagreements among our intelligence analysts about the state of Iraq’s nuclear program. But Dr. Rice seriously misrepresented their disputes when she categorically stated, “We do know that Saddam is actively pursuing a nuclear weapon.” Her allegation also misrepresented to the American people the controversy in those same intelligence reports about the aluminum tubes. Again, Dr. Rice said that these tubes were really only suited for nuclear weapons programs. But intelligence experts at the State Department and the Department of Energy believed that those tubes had nothing to do with building a nuclear weapon, and they made their dissent known in the October 2002 National Intelligence Estimate.” – Sen. Robert Byrd (D–West Virginia), United States Senate, January 25, 2005…

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Isn’t it true that you had intelligence that cast doubt on your repeated claims that Iraq did have WMD?

Condoleezza Rice: Liar, Secretary of State, War Criminal pt3

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Condoleezza Rice: Liar, Secretary of State, War Criminal (video)

Condoleezza Rice: Liar, Secretary of State, War Criminal Part 2

Ohio Democratic Debate 02.26.08: Clinton vs Obama (videos)

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replaced video Sept. 1, 2014

Hobobob10’s Channel

This is part 1 of 10 of the 2008 Democratic Presidential Debate held in Cleveland, Ohio on February 26, 2008. It is moderated by Brian Williams and Tim Russert, and sponsored by MSNBC.

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Olbermann: Military Intelligence + Camp Pain + Thrust & Sorry + Worst + Bushed!

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February 26, 2008

Military Intelligence

Keith speaks with Howard Fineman.

Camp Pain

Keith speaks with Dana Milbank.

Barack Attack: “Sixteen months into this, I’m just angry” — the words of Clinton campaign spokesman Phil Singer. “We’re on the way to locking this nomination down” — the words of Clinton campaign adviser Harold Ickies. The real headline, as we continue our Countdown to the Debate with our number two story… both of those remarks occurred… at the same media event.

Thrust & Sorry

Keith speaks with Rachel Maddow, McCainability.

The Double Talk Express: The public at a John McCain presidential campaign event in Cincinnati this morning… heard Senator Obama’s middle name, used as insult… and innuendo… and the possible next president of the United States called a “hack” and a “fraud.” Our fourth story on the Countdown: more conveniently for the racism and religious intolerance happily brandished at a McCain event… The candidate himself was not yet in the hall when the words were spoken, thus providing Senator McCain with the opportunity to play “Swiftboat-Plus,” also known as “The Captain Renault Ploy” from “Casablanca” — I’m shocked, shocked to find that slander is going on here.

Bill Cunningham at his finest, like always…

World’s Worst

Worse: Glenn Beck

Worser: Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas

Worst: Jonah Goldberg



We Lied To You About Troop Reduction-Gate

Nexus Of Politics & Terror-Gate (less)