Is Alabama Governor in Jail because he’s a Democrat? (videos)

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February 27, 2008 MSNBC Dan Abrams

Added: February 27, 2008

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Alabama Govs Daughter Rove to Blame for Fathers Imprisonment


60 Minutes: Don Siegelman (vids) + Parts of Broadcast Blocked in Alabama…

Kafka Incorporated: Of Captives, Casualties, Kosovo-stan & the Global Scam

The Gulag Comes To The USA By Ernest Partridge

TPMtv: More Rove Dirty Work? (video)

Alabama Getaway: Bush-Rove Legal Perversion Goes South by Chris Floyd

2 thoughts on “Is Alabama Governor in Jail because he’s a Democrat? (videos)

  1. this is one of the most impeachable governments since nixon yet no one has the guts or public interest at heart to do the right thing. sadly this man freedom is taken away by government officials who are playing with peoples lives in order to bully other political officials to not fight for the people.

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