Matt Gonzalez is Nader’s Vice Presidential Running Mate (+ videos)

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Nader for President 2008
Thursday, February 28, 2008 at 12:06:00 PM

For Immediate Release: Thursday, February 28, 2008

Contact Press Office: 202.360.3273

Matt Gonzalez is Ralph Nader’s Vice Presidential running mate.

In 2000, Gonzalez was elected to the 11 member San Francisco Board of Supervisors, which supervises a city with a budget of $6 billion. He became President of the Board three years later.

Gonzalez worked as a deputy public defender in San Francisco from 1991 2000, developing extensive trial experience.

Gonzalez is a 1987 graduate of Columbia University and a 1990 graduate of Stanford Law School.

At a press conference in Washington, D.C., Nader said that he first met Mr. Gonzalez during an anti-Iraq war speaking tour in California.

“I found him to be unwavering in his principles and committed to his politics with clear eloquence and humane logic,” Nader said. “I wanted someone who served in government and who knows what kind of challenges our cities face and who has a record of accomplishment in areas such as election reform, criminal justice, and the creation of the highest minimum wage in the country.”

“He profoundly understands that what we are trying to do is make this a better, stonger democracy,” Nader said. “We’re both honored to be running together and look forward to addressing issues, conditions, and solutions ignored by the other major party candidates.”

Nader said that he chose Gonzalez because he “wanted someone who shares my sense of justice and opposition to the corporate state control over our society.”

“I wanted someone who is ready and able to stand up and fight the good fight,” Nader said. “I chose Matt Gonzalez because he’s demonstrated – through his legal, civic, and political career – his steadfast commitment to the values and directions that have characterized my work and hopes for our country and its role in the world.”



Nader announces VP running mate, Matt Gonzalez



Matt Gonzalez Ralph Nader’s running mate 2008

Matt Gonzalez Ralph Nader’s running mate 2008 address at National Press Club,
Washington, DC
February 28, 2008


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  3. Vailiant efforts by Kucinich and Paul, but now it is time for Nader to do his thing. Nader is once again our latest subversive virus attacking the plutocratic system from within. Do not lose hope. We must continue to chip away at the system from every possible angle, until it comes crashing down.

    Keep up The Good Fight.

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