Olbermann: McCain & Able + Milli-Obama + Buckley

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Feb. 27, 2008

McCain & Able 

Keith speaks with Margaret Carlson.

War & Remembrance: If today’s first head-to-head clash between Senators McCain and Obama over Iraq is any indicator of an election campaign to come… The Senator from Arizona needs to get himself a seat-belt. Our third story on the Countdown: McCain mis-characterizes what Obama said about Al-Qaeda in last night’s debate, and Obama uses it to run rings around the Republican.


Keith speaks with David Shuster.

Funding Fight: “I had confidence that the American people, if they were motivated, would, in fact, finance the campaign.” Our Fourth Story on the Countdown, Senator Obama’s confidence, once again expressed last night – and once again rewarded this morning by 9.13 Eastern time.





World’s Worst

Worse: Jonah Goldberg

Worser: Florida state Representative Donald Brown

Worst: Senator John McCain

Mound Of Evidence 

Keith speaks with Greg Kehoe.

Mound of Trouble: When baseball’s Roger Clemens had his showdown day of testimony with steroid accuser Brian McNamee, Congressional party lines could not have been more distinct, and Clemens’ prior massaging of Republican legislators could not have looked smarter. But in our number one story tonight: in bi-partisanship even more startling than usual, not only the Democratic chair of the Committee to which Clemens may have lied, but also the Ranking Republican — who had openly defended Clemens — today both asked the Attorney General to investigate whether or not the star pitcher committed perjury. Henry Waxman and Tom Davis writing of Clemens.

William F. Buckley Jr. 1925-2008 

William F. Buckley, 1925-2008!: The country’s total vocabulary probably dropped a full percentage point this morning… Our number two story on the Countdown: the erudite Conservative icon William F. Buckley has died — while writing in his study…

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