Wired publishes photographs of Abu Ghraib (over 18 only)

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Thursday February 28, 2008


The following images, published today at Wired.com, have been compiled so viewers can see them in their entirety without having to reload pages. Wired obtained them from an expert defense witness in the Abu Ghraib case, psychologist Philip Zimbardo.

Zimbardo speaks tomorrow at a conference, delivering a talk that reflects on his book, “The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil.” Read about it here.

In their publication, the magazine wrote, “Many of the images are explicit and gruesome, depicting nudity, degradation, simulated sex acts and guards posing with decaying corpses. Viewer discretion is advised.”

Perhaps the most comprehensive multimedia compilation of images from the troubled US prison in Iraq is available at Salon.com, which published 279 photos and 19 videos in 2006.

RAW STORY has traditionally published more graphic images than the American press, in an effort to expose the true dark toll of war. Our 2005 article, “The American Iraq,” documented photographs taken by former Iraq vets. The accompanying graphic photographs taken by veterans of the Iraq war — which most of American has not seen — are available at UnderMars.com. These images are also graphic, and show photographs of Iraqis killed by bombings and US troops.


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