Olbermann: The World According To GW + The Fear Bomb + The Obama Dance! + Bushed! + Worst

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February 28, 2008

The World According To GW

The World According to W: 1984 had new-speak. We have Bush-speak. Rhetoric designed to obfuscate reality and to quell dissent. And in our third story on the Countdown, the country was treated to a full forty five minute display of it this morning.

The Fear Bomb

Keith speaks with Jonathan Alter on the attacks against Barack Obama.

Smears for Fears: It may become one of the classic coinages of modern American politics. Like “Where’s The Beef” or “There You Go Again.” “The Fear Bomb.” Our fourth story on the Countdown, the Republican National Committee formally denounces the tactic…well after its use by various bullies with a microphone… and the Tennessee State GOP.

The Obama Dance!

Keith speaks with Dana Milbank, Shake, Shake, Shake…

Fighting the Obamenon: Not to give you any flashbacks to the SAT’s…Or flash-forwards. But which number is bigger: 15-million? Or four. Our fifth story on the Countdown: the hint, is that the fifteen million represents the minimum difference between two remarkable February fund-raising efforts. 35 million for Senator Clinton. “Considerably more” — several reports peg it at, at least 50 million for Senator Obama. But no… in this world at least, none of those numbers is larger… than four.




Telecom Immunity-Gate

World’s Worst

Worse: Joshua Christopherson

Worser: Bill’O.

Worst: Oh him again… Bill’O!

Bill O’Reilly criticized Tim Russert’s performance at Tuesday’s Democratic debate and his mention of Louis Farrakhan, saying, “NBC News made a big deal about it… the press gotcha game is boring, tedious, and does the country no good.” He then spent 12 minutes railing on the subject.


Matt Gonzalez is Nader’s Vice Presidential Running Mate (+ vids)

Bush Press Conference 02.28.08 (videos)

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