Six-month-old baby killed by Israel attacks + Israeli Military Prepares for MAJOR Offensive into Gaza

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Israel’s prime minister is vowing to make Hamas pay what he calls a “heavy price” for Palestinian rocket attacks from Gaza.

More than 20 Palestinians have been killed in attacks since Wednesday, including Hamas fighters, civilians and children.

In Gaza City, one of those killed was a six month old baby. Ashraf Amritti reports on a family grieving for the youngest casualty of Israeli airstrikes.


Israeli Missiles Silence Baby’s Laughter in Gaza

By Sami Abu Salem writing from the occupied Gaza Strip
02/29/08 “Electronic Intifada

The innocent laughter of six-month-old baby Mohammed al-Bor’i stopped forever on Wednesday night when shrapnel from an Israeli missile and rubble struck the infant in the head, minutes after he enjoyed his last meal.

“The baby sucked milk, he was playing with his mother; I was reading a book when a rocket hit the Ministry of Interior,” said Nasser al-Bor’i, the baby’s father.

With the first missile, the electricity was cut and darkness filled the ill-fated house. Stones and pieces of the asbestos ceiling fell onto the head of the laughing child. The explosions continued as two other missiles hit the building.



Israeli Military Prepares for MAJOR Offensive into Gaza


February 29, 2008 BBC World



Israel Warns of a Major Military Offensive in Gaza



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