‘Dump Dennis?’ An ad targeting Rep. Kucinich has some dubious claims

Dandelion Salad

By Justin Bank
Mar 1, 2008

Former Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich is now fighting to hold onto his House seat in Cleveland, Ohio. He’s the target of a tough attack ad that says he “gives a lot of speeches” but “doesn’t get much done.” But the ad is a textbook example of deceptive political advertising – it uses dramatic-sounding numbers that, put into context, aren’t such a big deal after all:

The ad, by challenger Joe Cimperman, says that under Kucinich’s watch, “we’ve lost 38,000 jobs.” That’s the decline in employment figures for an Ohio county, part of which Kucinich serves. But we’re sure that one congressman doesn’t bear the sole responsibility for such job losses.


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