Israel continues to bombard Gaza (videos)

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This video may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war and should only be viewed by a mature audience.


Israel continues to bombard Gaza – 01 Mar 08

A fourth day of aerial bombardment by Israeli aircraft is now being backed up now by ground forces making their deepest incursion into Gaza since 2005.

The chief negotiator for the Palestinians says any hope for the peace talks now lies buried in the rubble of Gaza.

More than 80 people – women and children among them – have been killed over the past four days, and international condemnation remains muted.

Nour Odeh has been following the day’s developments.

Israel vows to continue Gaza attacks – 02 Mar 08

More than 100 people have now been killed since Israel launched its blitz of Gaza 5 days ago.

The youngest victim was less than 2 days old.

Israel has vowed to continue the attacks – and despite international condemnation from the UN and from the EU, the country’s defence minister has said an even broader operation “is on the cards.”

Jacky Rowland reports.

Anger explodes in West Bank over Israeli raids – 02 Mar 08

The Palestinian president has suspended further talks with Israel, but there are increasing calls from the streets of Gaza that his Fatah party MUST talk with Hamas.

Nour Odeh now looks at the protest against Israel’s use of force and growing demands for Palestinian unity.


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