Nader the Best Antidote to American Imperialism

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by Kathleen And Bill Christison
Mar 1-2, 2008

The One Candidate Worth Our Vote

We want to express our strong support for Ralph Nader’s presidential candidacy.

There are several reasons. The first is a response to the many who say that, because Obama cannot be seen to sympathize with the Palestinians or criticize Israel during the campaign, we should all lie low for now, not even press him on the issue, get him nominated and elected, and then work on him to change after he becomes president. With all due respect to this position, which we recognize as legitimate, and to those who believe this, we feel it is a pipe dream to expect that Obama will ever change after being elected on a platform of unquestioning support for Israel and its oppression of Palestinians. He will have huge debts of gratitude to the Jewish community, and particularly to his very pro-Israeli political endorsers as well as huge monetary debts to pro-Israeli contributors, that will keep him from ever looking honestly at what Israel is doing to the Palestinians and particularly from ever speaking out forthrightly against this oppression.


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4 thoughts on “Nader the Best Antidote to American Imperialism

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  3. I agree he’s a start, but it does seem that the neocons are doing a pretty good job.

    This is the first time I’ve been willing to entertain the possibility that Bush and his PNAC handlers are really that dumb.

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