Phil Donahue vs Bill O’Reilly: Cindy Sheehan (video; 2005)

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Feb 29 2008


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3 thoughts on “Phil Donahue vs Bill O’Reilly: Cindy Sheehan (video; 2005)

  1. Donahue holds his own! I posted this on my old blog and found it again today and posted it here because it is so good.

    I can now post LiveLeaks videos as I’m using vodpod to do so. I used to post a lot from there on my old blog, then came here and could only post YouTube and Google ones.

  2. Cindy has much to be proud of, being the topic of the two Titans of the TV Tabloids.

    Phil is the only one I’ve seen actually own Bollo’s butt in living color, he was brilliant.

    MSNBC made a grave error in phiring Phil, nobody coulda been so tremendous in an unscripted debate against Billo like Phildo. not even Keitho.

    Wow, 2005, it’s like those were the good ol’ daze for the antiwar movement.

    Are we up to 4k yet? Gotta be close enough, that would be a second doubling, an exponential incline. Billo’s largely to blame for the whole thing, he owns the heartland.

    Back then the projected cost was in the hundreds of billions at best, now it’s at a coupla trillion (that’s thousand’s of billions…)– Halliburton’s stock’s been steady ever since at about $40. I wonder if there’s a profit-per dismembered troop calculation kept current.

    Glad to see yer posting live leaks—(and that it’s not been shut down yet).

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