The Collapse Of The US Dollar (video)

Dandelion Salad

video no longer available.

Wakeymedia3 on Jun 11, 2010

The once mighty U.S. Dollar has now become a currency without any visible means of support. The results of that are plain for all to see. The end of the American Empire is now within sight.

What the USA could have been and what it has actually become are worlds apart.

The whole world looks on as this giant becomes insane and disintegrates. Added: February 16, 2008

One thought on “The Collapse Of The US Dollar (video)

  1. Dandi,
    …and now, Venezuela, is there no end to the lust, or disgust.. .

    Ron Paul is right, the gold standard is stability.
    The dollar is like a open box o chocolates, you open it up, and no candy.

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