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Found another debunking of the film Zeitgeist, he goes into all 3 parts: Debunked: Zeitgeist – Parts I, II and III ~ Lo

Here’s the latest version of Zeitgeist: Zeitgeist, The Movie – Remastered/Final Edition
1 hr 30 min 42 sec – 2007-12-19

Zeitgeist Refuted OLD VERSION

Elliott Nesch on Jun 19, 2009

1:30:43 -2007

Even secular scholars have rejected the idea of Christianity borrowing from the ancient mysteries. The well-respected Sir Edward Evans-Pritchard writes in Theories of Primitive Religion that “The evidence for this theory… is negligible.”

“The first real parallel of a dying and rising god does not appear until A.D. 150, more than a hundred years after the origin of Christianity. So if there was any influence of one on the other, it was the influence of the historical event of the New Testament [resurrection] on mythology, not the reverse. The only known account of a god surviving death that predates Christianity is the Egyptian cult god Osiris. In this myth, Osiris is cut into fourteen pieces, scattered around Egypt, then reassembled and brought back to life by the goddess Isis. However, Osiris does not actually come back to physical life but becomes a member of a shadowy underworld…This is far different than Jesus’ resurrection account where he was the gloriously risen Prince of life who was seen by others on earth before his ascension into heaven.” –Dr. Norman Geisler

“Not one clear case of any alleged resurrection teaching appears in any pagan text before the late second century A.D., almost one hundred years after the New Testament was written.” –Dr. Gary Habermas

This film refutes the following claims made in the film Zeitgeist: -Christianity was borrowed from pagan myths? -The Bible was plagiarized? -Jesus wasn’t a historical figure? -Christianity was created for social control? -The Bible is based on astrology?

MORE INFO VISIT: http://www.beitshalomministries.org


Zeitgeist Debunked


(videos not available)

More info: www.zeitgeistchallenge.com


Zeitgeist sources exposed, truth about the films agenda


JOSEPHUS: (37-101 A.D.)

Josephus was born in Jerusalem only four years after Jesus’ crucifixion. He was an eyewitness to much of what he recorded in the first century A.D. Josephus mentions many events and people from the Gospels. Josephus was an Orthodox Jew who was commissioned by the Romans to write a history of the Jewish people and Rome up until that point.

Mentions Jesus: Antiquities, Book 18, ch. 3, par. 3.

Now there was about this time Jesus, a wise man, if it be lawful to call him a man; for he was a doer of wonderful works, a teacher of such men as receive the truth with pleasure. He drew over to him both many of the Jews and many of the Gentiles. He was [the] Christ. And when Pilate, at the suggestion of the principal men amongst us, had condemned him to the cross, those that loved him at the first did not forsake him; for he appeared to them alive again the third day; as the divine prophets had foretold these and ten thousand other wonderful things concerning him. And the tribe of Christians, so named from him, are not extinct at this day.


Mara Bar-Serapion was a Syrian who lived in the first century A.D. He wrote a letter to his son Serapion that mentions the Jews who killed their King. The letter is now in the possession of the British Museum.

“What benefit did the Athenians obtain by putting Socrates to death? Famine and plague came upon them as judgment for their crime. Or, the people of Samos for burning Pythagoras? In one moment their country was covered with sand. Or the Jews by murdering their wise king?…After that their kingdom was abolished. God rightly avenged these men…The wise king…Lived on in the teachings he enacted.”

Below are from what other secular writers mentioned of Jesus in their writings-

Jesus was a wise man and was called the Christ or Messiah, (Josephus)

Jesus gained many disciples from many nations, (Josephus)

He healed blind and lame people in Bethsaida and Bethany, (Julian the Apostate)

He was accused of practicing sorcery and leading Israel astray, (the Talmud)

Under Herod, and during the reign of Tiberius, Pontius Pilate condemned Christ to die, (Tacitus)

Christ was crucified on the eve of Passover, (the Talmud)

His crucifixion was accompanied by three hours of unexplained darkness, (Thallus)

Christ’s disciples, “reported that he had appeared to them three days after his crucifixion and that he was alive;”, (Josephus)

His disciples took to the habit of meeting on a fixed day of the week and took their name “Christians” from him, (Pliny)

They gave worship to Christ “as to a god”, (Pliny)

They bound themselves over to abstaining from wicked deeds, fraud, theft, adultery, and lying, (Pliny)

Christians held a contempt for death and were known for a voluntary self-devotion, (Lucian)

Christians believed themselves all brothers from the moment of their conversion, (Lucian)

Christians lived after Christ’s laws, (Lucian)

Christians were willingly tortured and even executed for their refusal to deny their belief in the resurrection and deity of Jesus Christ. (Josephus, Tacitus, Pliny, Lucian)


Zeitgeist on religion FALSE & Debunked


Zeitgeist on religion is full of half-truths, lies, and few truths. I will try to focus on the inaccuracies based off of the Old Testament. I have tried to show its a lie and debunked – but please do your own research too.

Sadly deceptive and convincing, but fraught with logical issues.


1). Bet Lechem is a real place.
2). The deities compared to Jesus are twisted or lies.
3). The number 12 may be in the Bible, but definitely not where they say.
4). Ages are only sourced one time in Job falsely.
5). Why the Golden Calf was a calf.
6). Explains why Egypt had 3 similar laws.
7). 4 characters similar to Moses either dont exist or come after. India, Greek etc…
8). Judaism has relatively nothing in common with the things they state about Egypt except circumcision etc….

Additional Notes: The Three Kings (Orions belt) are called that LONG after Jesus.

You can agree with the conclusions still, but the logic is fraught with lies and half-truths.

Added: August 14, 2007

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40 thoughts on “Zeitgeist Refuted + Zeitgeist Debunked (videos)

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  2. Zeitgeist Refuted is a badly done presentation, takes far to long to make it’s points. And relies on insinuation and association of evil, on the part of the “co-conspirators” of the movie ‘Zeitgeist’.

    Seriously badly done. Needs to be totally overhauled. Stop the fluffing around and get to the point on the subjects. I felt like this was one giant lead up to pointing at the movie ‘Zeitgeist’ and saying “Bad movie!, Bad BAD BAD BAD!!!”

    Just so u know, I believe in Christ, I believe in God, I don’t follow/worship Lucifer.

    Make better films.

  3. M — the life of brian ? seen it . but have you seen the monty python debate with malcom muggeridge on british t.v. ??? Mugg makes them look like little school boys .

    your approach to the bible , or at least you thinking my approach to it revolves around facts verses non facts. that is not the point masterpiece literature like the bible , shakespeare , dante , milton , the russian novelists is about , etc … it is about inspiration .

    what i am refering to in specific is ”inspired reason ”, rather than deductive reason . it is a waste of time to try and prove the bible like the fundies do, or disprove it like the non believers try and do .

    i do realize that it is rather trendy to use the words ”blindly following ”in the pergorative. ..but Neitzche shows that irrationality in the golden age of Greece was the foundation for rationality . and that golden age ran in a parrellel with the hebrew prophets in linear time , not in a parallex . that axiel period of history cannot be ignored. it prepared the way for the Christ to appear.

  4. “Tacitus on the other hand mocked the followers of Christus ( christ ) ,saying that they hated all mankind . if there were no christians making such outragiuos claims then Tacitus would be held in suspect as a credible historian . but he is not .”
    – rocket

    I’ll go with the same history that I get from “The Movie”, and yes I research things, I am not blindly following… are you?

    The Greeks were around way before the “Christ” and it was their word… Χριστός (Christós)…. and it had a very general definition….

    Define: Christ is the English translation of the Greek word Χριστός (Christós), which literally means The Anointed One. It translates the Hebrew word מָשִׁיחַ (”), usually transliterated Messiah”.

    So, someone goes off on a “Christ” and you take your pick as far as who you want that “Christ” to be? Go watch the Life of Brian, I hate to break it to you, but, being a savior and a chosen one was the “in thing” back then.

    “i deal in high level theology .”
    – rocket

    Not to be an ass, but, maybe you should give up your Theology and take some spelling classes instead, not to mention there are a lot of Theological Experts out there that don’t see the Bible as a very fact oriented publication, they are experts after all……

    By the way, I was sitting here thinking about things, trying to see your points of view and no monkeys flew out of my butt, so, I’ll stick with my current beliefs. Thank You.

  5. malachi —i deal in high level theology . the consensus among these scholars , both believers and non-believers is the utter uniqueness of the meassage of the early christians . to say that there were no christians back then is to deny the credibility of Tacitus as the formost roman historian . now Josephus is another matter . there is clear cut interpolation in the work of Josephus . he is only credible on certain things , but not on the things about jesus of nazareth . Tacitus on the other hand mocked the followers of Christus ( christ ) ,saying that they hated all mankind . if there were no christians making such outragiuos claims then Tacitus would be held in suspect as a credible historian . but he is not . Gibbon and Voltaire endorsed Tacitus as the roman historian extrordinare. and this is just one source that Hengle and Crossan and Wright use to show the utter uniqueness of the christ cult movements in the first centrury commen era. but then again what do i know ? i mean ..movies in poplular culture replaced reading along time ago .

  6. “There were no martyrs for any other rising religion at the time. The Christians were utterly unique in their claims.”
    – Rocket

    Uuhhhhhhhh, there were no such thing as Christians back then.

    It’s funny, people say they are going to re-bunk the Movie and then they give their personal opinion about “the facts”, how you interpret “facts” and how someone else interprets “facts” are two different points of view, of course, their are many more where those came from….. perception is key!

    For instance, a Miracle Birth and a Virgin Birth are the “same things”, BUT, the refuters want to say…. Peter Joseph called it a “Virgin Birth”, but, that’s not what so and so called it, they called it a “Miracle Birth”, so he’s lying saying that they are the same thing…. blah, blah, blah….

    Here….. http://www.scribd.com/doc/3261220/Acharya-SThe-Christ-Conspiracy

    This just started up in May……


    Argu….. debating is fun………………

  7. My comment: don’t be fooled. Keep your heart and mind open to God.

    Just watched the video and it seemed like she was selling her books more than anything else.

  8. Oh SNAP! Check this new video out:

    “ZEITGEIST, Part 1” Debunked/Refuted? Acharya Responds
    [edited: see link in above comment]

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  10. I have seen no debunking on this web page. This info is old. Christianity mirroring previous pagan religions is old info and accepted by both scholars and free thinkers..

  11. God is the same God to the Jews, Christians and Muslims. How they practice their belief in God differs though. “Religion” has messed up what God is. That’s the unfortunate part. I stick to WWJD as a believer in Y’shua, as I’m a Jewish believer in Jesus. But it took me to age 42 before that happened. My suggestion is to read; read the Holy Scriptures (OT) and the New Testament. Keep your mind and heart open. It takes time.

  12. Oh yes I know, there are plenty on both sides that make great arguments. The true question is that, if God does in fact exist, which God is it? Islamic? Christian? Judiasm? All in one? as some have concluded. That is more of the problem I have with it all. Surely all can’t be right

    and I totally agree with you, to find the answer, you must search for yourself. Agreed 100%.

  13. Hi Laura, cool. I’m guessing that you are familiar with Dorothy Day and the Catholic Workers groups?

    Hi Devon, good point about watching the rest of Zeitgeist. And there are just as many well educated and intelligent people who do believe in God. Each one of us has to do our own searching.

  14. When I watched Zeitgeist I really disliked this part of movie. But don’t let that detour you from what other issues this movie raises. Especially in Part 3 (Men behind the curtain)

    While I do believe that alot of these religous issues are half truths, no one asked you to believe them. There are alot of very educated and bright people out there that will tell you that God doesn’t exist. And do so with way more credible evidence and sources.

    I am not sure what to believe as a personal belief, but I truly must say that we must question everything. I will continue my own personal research and decide for myself if God is in fact, real. I dont need a movie to do that for me.

  15. As far as Christianity resembling paganism, or its mythology… close but no cigar. Martin Hengekl in his book “Crucifixion” blows it all out of the water, explaining how the Christ story is utterly unique. Example — Osiris rose from the dead but never got out of the underworld. Another example — all the pagan gods were accepted into the Roman pantheon, except Jesus, because his followers took his death by scandal and gave him the same title of the emperor — SON OF GOD. There were no martyrs for any other rising religion at the time. The Christians were utterly unique in their claims.

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  17. All religions are tools of social control used to keep the masses in slavery. You shouldn’t need to watch Zeitgeist to know that.

  18. Andrew, the first video goes into this around 1:05:00.

    Libhomo, Zeitgeist uses many of these sources, however, the first video debunks them. Watch the videos.

  19. The claims allegedly by Josephus are regarded by credible scholars as insertions by Christians into the text a considerably long time after Josephus died.

    Zeitgeist is hardly the only source for information on the pagan roots of Christianity. A web site that explores the pagan origins of Christianity is:


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  21. Thanks, Chris. I concur with your take on Part I. Although I did like Parts 2 & 3, but with so many misleading statements in Part 1 it does make one wonder.

  22. Props to you Lo !
    The first time I watched Zeitgeist I just laughed MAO because it never occurred to me that anyone would fall for it.
    In fact,
    in his first edition before he revised it, he even stated that Dionysus – the Greek wine god – was “crucified”. He stated the same thing about Horus or Osiris, I forget now which.
    A number of people (including myself) wrote to him explaining what most high school sophomores know – or at least USED TO know – and he eventually altered that mistake and a few of the other more blatant ones.
    But on the whole,
    all Zeitgeist tells me is how much I underestimated the ignorance and credulity of Americans.
    I understand that Parts II and III were supposed to be not too bad, but the colossal mistakes/ lies in Part I stripped this person to zero credibility in my judgement, so I didn’t watch the rest of it.

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