Olbermann: The Fear Card + Hate Talk Express + For Whom the SNL Tolls + The Life Of the Party

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Rachel Maddow joins Keith Olbermann to discuss the tactics resorted to by the Clinton campaign in recent television ads.



Nexus of politics & Terror-Gate


Why you do not hire pathologically religious-Gate

Hate Talk Express

Keith speaks with David Shuster.

Hate Talk Express: It might have been the tensest moment of the 20 Democratic debates. The questioning last week, of Barack Obama, about how he handled an endorsement by Minister Louis Farrakhan. You’ll recall Obama said he’d denounced Farrakhan, and when Senator Clinton said She should have rejected the endorsement, Obama said if she thought “reject” was a stronger term, he’d reject and denounce. Our third story on the Countdown: tonight John McCain has his own version of Farrakhan — maybe Farrakhan, Super-Sized — and his response is neither reject nor denounce but something closer to “what’s that, Sonny?”

For Whom the SNL Tolls

Keith speaks with Eugene Robinson.

For Whom the SNL Tolls: In 1976, incumbent — albeit appointed — President Gerald Ford was losing in the first polls to the then-breath-of-fresh-air personified by Jimmy Carter, by 33 points. And then — among many other things — Ford stopped grumbling about Chevy Chase’s bumbling impression of him on “Saturday Night Live,” and permitted his press secretary to host the show, and even filmed an opening for it, parodying Chase’s line, and announcing “I’m Gerald Ford, and you’re not.” Ford made up 31 of those 33 points. Our number one story on the Countdown: explaining perhaps, Hillary Clinton’s cameo in this building Saturday night.

The Life Of the Party

Keith speaks with Jonathan Alter.

World’s Worst

Worse: Bill’O

Worser: Karl Rove

Worst: Jonah Goldberg