Ralph Nader: Giant Corporations Are Dictatorship

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March 01, 2008

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First of all, the corporations are very involved in the war machine because the industrial part is now a supreme influence on the US military budget which now is half of the entire federal governments operating budget and as well as affecting foreign policy. We are in the advanced stages of being a corporate state. Corporations are artificial entities. They are not real human beings, they don’t vote, they don’t die in Iraq, they don’t have children, they are entities that are dominating our politics, our electoral systems, our universities increasingly, dominating almost everything.

The clinical definition of fascism is when private concentrated economic power takes government away from the people, turns government into a guarantor, subsidizer, a covering of corporate power. Corporations now have their executives in high government positions, they have 35,000 full time lobbyists here like the drug companies getting all kinds of subsidies from congress and they have 10,000 political action committees. If you can quantify corporate power and civic power in Washington, DC civic power is probably 1% of corporate power.

The giant corporations are dictatorship and they have enormous power without any where near the commensurate responsibility. It is interesting that our political leaders don’t like to discuss it.

Every politician in this town knows who runs this town. They know who runs the defense dept, the dept of interior, dept of agriculture, food and drug admin. There are only a tiny handful of politicians who will raise the banner of subordinating the corporate power to the sovereignty of the American people.

The debates are sterile, they will not confront the corporate crime wave, they will not confront the destruction of our democracy, they will not confront the usurpation of our electoral processes. Just imagine the violation of capitalist principles, these guys at the top who are paying themselves 10-12 thousand dollars an hour in compensation as ceo’s. basically have repudiated the cardinal principle of capitalism which is if you own property you should control it. And now they have said to their owners… get lost don’t dare tell us what we’re gonna pay ourselves, after all we’re only your hired hands.

We’ve got to mount an assault on the WTO and NAFTA. They’ve closed down our standards, so our workers have to compete with brutalized child labor in third world countries. We could not have gotten air bags under the WTO because that would have been considered a unilateral move under this global trade agreement, it would be considered too high a standard imposed on importing cars. What WTO does is it prevents us from being first in the world. It is the greatest loss of sovereignty local, state and national in American history.

It’s not about justice, it’s not about agenda, it’s not about mobilizing people, it’s about dialing for corporate dollars. These 2 parties have sold the US government and the American people to the highest bidders.


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  4. Dandi,
    None can change the way these creatures operate.

    Go to change Washington, and Washington changes you. Don’t know who said it, but it seems to be true.

    Financiers are in control, sanctions, deflation, inflation, stagnation, probation(I’m bad), and other devices.
    Hang on it will just get worse. Forget those IRA’s, 401K’s, Pensions, or the equity in your homes.
    House rich, just can’t afford to turn on the power.

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